Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Contact Group Backs Independence

Contact Group backs independence 10:14 -> 15:42 February 08 B92
PRISTINA -- Tuesday – British Foreign Office Political Director John Sawyers said that the Contact Group has already decided that Kosovo should be independent.

Sawyers, who will be in Belgrade today, informed Kosovo Serb officials last night of the Contact Group’s stance. Goran Bogdanovic, a member of Belgrade’s Kosovo status discussion team, told B92 that Sawyers encouraged Serb officials to accept independence.

“It was a fairly uncomfortable meeting because Sawyers said that the Contact Group has made a decision that Kosovo should be independent and tried to convince us that we must accept this decision and that this is the best option for Serbs in Kosovo and those who want to return to the region. We are not satisfied with the stance of the Contact Group because that would mean that the status talks would not even be necessary. Why play a game if you already know the score before it begins? I think now is a good opportunity for Belgrade to, firstly, think what to do now and how to do it.” Bogdanovic said.

“We have to calculatedly proceed ahead, but I think such a decision by the Contact Group is wrong because it legalises ethnic cleansing in Kosovo, and the violation of human rights and freedom of movement. This is not acceptable for those of us who live in Kosovo, nor for Serbia or the Balkans in general, because this can affect surrounding countries as well.” Bogdanovic said, adding that Sawyers will make Belgrade officials aware of the Contact Group’s stance today.


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