Wednesday, March 01, 2006

State won’t play ball with Divac

BELGRADE -- Tuesday – A variety of Serbian dailies are reporting that basketball star Vlade Divac is an unwanted customer in Serbia.

Daily Blic writes that Serbia does not want to do business with Divac and added that Nova Tomic, representative of the Association of Novosti small shareholders, said that an initial agreement has been signed between the Divac Co. and the small shareholders.

Federal public defender Milan Markovic said that the state shares will be disvalued and that Divac and the small shareholders will have to pay 10 million dollars worth of damages to the state. Members of the Novosti consortium, which will also be sued by the state, claim that they have not received any offers from Divac.

In an interview with Glas Javnosti, Divac said that there is a campaign being led against him, but that he will not name any names. Indirectly, he said that the Hypo Alpe Adria Bank has blocked his money and has suggested to him that he can buy anything he wants, but Novosti. The former NBA player added that he plans on buying the state’s shares of the media company as well.

The Small Shareholders’ Association’s attorney, Dragan Tomic, said that they have not received any charges, and added that the deals made with Divac were completely legal. Director of the Centre for Free Trade Miroslav Prokopijevic said that the charges against Divac are nonsense and that the Government is trying to stop him from buying Novosti because of the interest that has been show my bigger corporations to purchase the company.

Daily Kurir writes that the reports of charges being brought up against Divac were fabricated by Serbian Finance Minister Mladjan Dinkic.

One theory that is circulating is that Divac wants to buy Novosti not for himself, but for the German VAC company, which is interested in maintaining a monopoly on the Serbian market, which is why the Government wishes to get Divac to back down from the deal.

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What is with Serbia constantly messing with Vlade Divac? First, the "draft evasion" bull, now this? Haven't they figured out that he is the best representative they have to Serb-Americans and to the US in general?