Friday, March 31, 2006

Hispanics in Los Angeles and Abanians in Kosovo Demand Legalization of their Crimes

By: Mary Mostert, Analyst, Banner of Liberty

March 31, 2006

Townhall columnist Michelle Malkin noted in her column this week that “an estimated 500,000 to 2 million people, untold numbers of them here illegally, took to the streets of Los Angeles to protest strict immigration enforcement and to demand blanket amnesty for border violators, visa overstayers, deportation fugitives, immigration document fraud artists and other lawbreakers. Mexican flags and signs advocating ethnic separatism and supremacy filled the landscape. Demonstrators gleefully defaced posters of President Bush and urged supporters to ‘Stop the Nazis!’ Los Angeles talk show host Tammy Bruce reported that protesters burned American flags and waved placards of the North American continent with America crossed out.”

“One of the largest, boldest banners visible from aerial shots of the rally read: 'THIS IS STOLEN LAND' Others blared: 'CHICANO POWER' and 'BROWN IS BEAUTIFUL!'

Malkin quoted Sandra Molina, 16, a junior from L.A.'s Downtown Magnet High School, who complained: "This is unjust. This land used to belong to us and now they're trying to kick us out."

And, that sentiment was not limited to Los Angeles. In Wisconsin marchers held signs that said: "If you think I'm 'illegal' because I'm a Mexican, learn the true history because I'm in my HOMELAND."

Technically and logically Malkin is absolutely correct in pointing out that those who “came here illegally” or who stayed in the country after their visa documents expired or with fraudulent documents are criminals and lawbreakers. Yet as recently as 7 years ago this week the might and power of the United States Air Force was used to bomb a nation who tried, unsuccessfully, to defend one of its states against the same kind of massive influx of illegals that has occurred in California.

I've written about this for years. Just last year in an article titled, "Illegal aliens' use of terrorism to get a seat in the United Nations” I wrote, shortly after the London railway was bombed:

“For some reason for years the West has urged victims of terrorist attacks in Tel Aviv and Belgrade to placate and appease the terrorists in their midst. Governments in London, Washington and the United Nations have pressured both Jews and Serbs to surrender their lands to placate the terrorists who blow up their citizens, their police and, in Kosovo, 135 of their churches.

“In a province of about 2 million people, which is approximately the population of Utah, in the years between 1991-1998, there were 1126 terrorist attacks in Kosovo which killed or wounded 616 policemen, 16 refugees in refugee shelters and 494 citizens. To address this problem, President Clinton decided to bomb the Serbs for not being nice enough to the Albanian population in Kosovo and for insisting that the illegal Albanians go home.

“In Israel, in a population of about 4.5 million Jews, during the same period of time, the terrorists killed 390 people. The terror attacks increased between September 2000 and October 2003 with 884 people killed and 5932 injured in Israel bv terrorist bombers. In 2004, another 117 people were killed in Israel by Palestinian terrorists in 2004, and most of those attacks were not even mentioned by the media in the West.

“However, when 50 people were killed a week ago in of Britain’s 60 million people, it was front page news in every country in the world. Although Britain helped bomb the Serbs when they tried to send illegal aliens home to Albania, there were instant demands that illegals be rounded up and exported when the public thought illegal aliens had bombed London trains. That has quieted down now that it appears the bombers were British citizens.

“For years we have supported the notion that the Jews and the Serbs should negotiate with the terrorists, and give them land to stop the slaughter of citizens on the streets in Israel or Serbia. I’ve been writing about this for years. People forget that Yasser Arafat, who until his death was the leader of the Palestinians, was not born on the West Bank, but in Egypt. He began smuggling weapons into Jerusalem as a teenager to kill British soldiers. Many other so-called “Palestinians” are also citizens of other countries. Likewise, nearly a million Albanian Muslims, over 25% of its working age population, left Albania following the 1990 collapse of the Communist government and economy in Albania, and illegally entered Kosovo, Greece, Italy and other European nations. During the 1990s those Albanians used terrorism and crime to drive out 250,000 Serbs.

“After his election in 1989 Slobodan Milosevic, tried to reverse the incoming hordes of Albanians. Nearly one third of the Albanians fleeing their country’s economic collapse simply walked across the border into Kosovo province of the disintegrating Yugoslavia and stayed there. They are now demanding independent status and the property of Serbs, Jews, and others as their “right” to possess.”

“In late 1997, the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), funded largely with illegal drug money from the Albanian mafia, (with weapons supplied by Osama bin Laden and Iran) began a series of attacks on Serbian police forces, government officials, and Serbian refugees in Kosovo. The Milosevic Government responded by sending the Yugoslav army into Kosovo to stop the attacks. Note that some Americans today are demanding that the US Army be sent to the Mexican border to stop illegal immigration into the USA.”

In trying to stop illegal aliens from seizing a portion of his nation, Slobodan Milosevic was arrested as a war criminal, spent the last 4 years defending himself in a trial composed of judges selected by those who bombed his nation, and died under strange circumstances as the trial was supposedly coming to an end.

Could the same thing happen to an American President? After all, it is true that California and Texas once actually had an Hispanic government, while Kosovo NEVER was controlled by an Albanian government, but was Serbian occupied for over 1000 years – and there were hundreds of historic Serbian Christian churches, monasteries and landmarks to prove it – until the Albanians began blowing them up.

Both the Albanians and the Hispanics believe they can seize land, create a country, get a seat at the United Nations and make you believe they are the victims. It seems to be working for the Albanians who expect to get Kosovo as their “independent” nation. Why shouldn’t it work for the Mexicans in Los Angeles County?

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Anonymous said...

A letter to Rush Limbaugh re this article:

Dear Mr. Limbaugh,

Another great article sent to me by Mary Mostert. It is relevant to say the least and you could easily be on the forefront on this parallel. The idea of America's illegals, separatists and criminals taking to the streets in vast numbers demanding their own rules seems to parallel quite accurately the situation in Kosovo. We better choose very carefully what side we support there because right now we are supporting criminal Albanian Muslims trying to tear apart for themselves (so far with great success) a part of Christian Serbia. Our support for this is hypocrisy for all the world to see. If we support the Albanians, why not just break off California and Texas and give it to the illegal Mexicans? Isn't their game the same as the Albanian's by populating legally and illegally an area to the point of saturation then start making demands with intimidation coming in sheer numbers?

Hmmmmm, when they decide to get violent will we send in troops (like the Serbs to establish order) and suffer casualties? And when we suffer casualties and decide to fight back, will we now call that civil unrest and civil war here in our own country. Some no doubt will lobby to call it genocide and give it terms like a "brutal crackdown". Will an even stronger Latino lobby establish itself here in the US and influence political decision makers? You bet! Will the worldwide Liberal lapdog media then sign on to all of the "brutal crackdown tactics" mantra we are said to be using against the poor innocent separatists? You bet! Isn't that PRECISELY what we are telling the illegals here in our own country to do by our supporting Kosovo Independence??? The world is watching!!!!

God Bless You,