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April 1, 2005


Who in the Balkans wants to destroy America?

By Miroljub Jevtic, Ph.D.

The news that a group of mujahadeens headed for Osama bin Laden's jihad were captured on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan would be nothing new, had the Pakistani authorities not announced that one of them was an Albanian citizen. Clearly, Clinton's cooperation with Balkan Islamists in the 1990s is only now turning like a boomerang against the US.

While the official affront is that Bosnian Muslims and Albanians are American allies in the war on terror, the US forces are tied up in Bosnia monitoring and chasing the jihadists who have made Bosnia and Albanian inhabited areas in the Balkans their domicile. Overtly then, Balkan Muslims are supporting the West, while covertly they may seek destruction of it.

The American strategists believed that by caving into territorial demands Balkan Muslims are making, the newly established Islamic entities will, because of the American influence and endorsement of it, be a model to the Islamic world, showing the right political path. The Christians of Bosnia, for example, are increasingly being centralized under Islamic authority; Christian Croats are spliced within Muslim federation and dominated by them while the Serbian entity is under tremendous political pressure and may disappear. Meanwhile, Bosnian Muslims want to offer Muslim Turks a dual citizenship because they consider these centuries old occupiers of Bosnia their liberators.

In Macedonia, likewise, the real masters of the situation are the Muslims Albanians who have placed the Christian Slavs there into virtual political ghettos.

Instead of showing themselves content with this, Balkan Muslims are not only setting out towards Islamizing their territories, but also towards actions aimed at America's destruction.

Tradition has it that the most extreme Islamists among Slavic Muslims in theBalkans are from the Raska district, i.e. from Tutin, Novi Pazar and Rozajso one is to expect extremist Imams to come from this region. Yet, theIslamic extremism and open attacks on the US that is spreading among theBalkan Muslims is preached by an Imam, who is not a native of Novi Pazar,nor of Sarajevo, but is an ethnic Albanian from village of Orahovac inKosovo. This Imam, Suleyman Bugari, is a hodja of the White mosque in Vratnik, known as the most Muslim part of Sarajevo.

Ironically, the fiercest fighter of jihad has not turned up from the middle of Bosnia with its numerous Islamic top ranking religious schools, but from Albanian dominated Kosovo, busy teaching the Bosnians in the midst of Sarajevo what real Islam is.

Says Bugari: "The speech of the sword is more sincere than that of the letter. Its blade lies between seriousness and jest. The whiteness of the sword, not the blackness of the letters, for its back knows no rust of doubt'.

Continues he: "The status of Muslims cannot be improved by papers. This doesn't work. It is well known what can improve the status of Muslims worldwide. How was it improved at first? By taking Islam to all places. By convincing people that only God Allah exists."

Bugari concludes with a call to violence: "By purifying the heart of all idols, and then, if necessary, by the jihad. And jihad was necessary and will be necessary! Don't think that we can survive in any other way, except by these three things: faith, economics and responding to Allah when the time for jihad comes".

"[T]aking Islam to all places", including the US is the obligation of every Muslim, preaches Bugari.

This Albanian Muslim Imam is also an avid anti-Semite. Says Bugari: "Americans rule the world, and so do the Jews. With the Americans' help, they have again outsmarted the entire world, especially the economy. We consume American-Jewish products every day. We drink their 'Coca-Cola' and their 'Pepsi', we use their banks, buy their weapons, their 'Nikes' and various other products. Imagine how many 'cokes' a billion and a half Muslims drink every day. According to some data, 700 million 'Coca-Colas' every day, and you know well that 10 percent of every 'Coca-Cola' goes to Israel".

The Jew-hating Albanian Bugari attributes Islamic inability to legitimize their land conquests in the Balkans on the damnation Allah bestowed on Balkan Muslims because they relied on Americans. "We have indeed asked them for help during the war, and we have started to improve." says Bugari. "The Serbs are running away as they can, and we say: Come, Americans, and lend us a hand. This is why Allah is now punishing us."

Finally Bugari sides with Al-Qaeda by accusing America for holding 6 Algerian Bosnians in Guantanamo. "Now they will come and chase the Algerian group to Cuba, then they will chase Imad El-Mis'ri, then they will chase Fiusanin .."

Durguti was leading an organization known as "Vezir" or "Vazir."

The UN and US allege that Vezir is little more than a front for the al-Haramain Islamic Foundation, based in Travnik, Bosnia, where Durguti was last sighted. Vezir and al-Haramain were heavily supported by Saudi charities and members proselytized the fundamentalist Wahhabi strain of Islam.

Among those who were placed under surveillance by the authorities and arrested in Bosnia because of their make-believe humanitarian work that was a cover-up for the terrorist logistic base, an ethnic Albanian was again identified. His name is Safet Durguti. Once more we have someone coming from the town of Orahovac in Kosovo, where Bugari is also from. This may suggest that Orahovac Albanians in Kosovo may be the leading cadre of terrorist recruits, European by race, recruited by al-Qaeda in order to be trained and easily bland in the western societies to conduct terrorist killings. Those who were to be allies of the US have thus shown their gratitude. Even to the author of this text, who has always been pointing out the dangers, all this seems odd. It would have been logical for the Albanian Muslims to show more patience until the creation of Greater Albania (thanks to the American tax payers' money) before revealing their true face. But no, they seem unable to wait, for their ultimate objective is not just Greater Albania, but through it, they wish to destroy the US and Israel, and then all remaining non Islamic political systems in the world.

These two cases of Albanian involvement in Islamic terrorism indicate CIAs erroneous evaluation of the impact the Islamic presence has in the Balkans. The way Islamic Imams of the Balkans reason and thus teach their faithful flock is that Americans are worse then Serbs, that Americans have been used to defeat Serbs and take away their land but now, once used, time has come for America to pay the price for being Christian. This is how Imam Bugari's thinks, and this is how his captured compatriot in Pakistan, logistics militant Duguti also thinks.

American analysts who might be reading this will behave like the entire administration, based on the presumption that Bugari is an exception to the rule and that the remaining Albanian and Bosnian Moslems are different. Indeed. Bugari was allegedly condemned by the leadership of the Islamic
community of the Raska (Sanjak) district but the fact that they issued a simple verbal statement of condemnation and left him to preach hate is more of a sign of Community's tacit support for extremism then any exceptionality.

According to the Statute of the Sanjak Islamic Community, this Community is an integral part of the Islamic Community of Bosnia and Hercegovina so Suleyman Bugari is under the jurisdiction of the Bosnian reis-ul-ulem Mustafa Ceric, who recently visited UK. According to Bosnian reis-ul-ulem Mustafa Ceric Bugari "is distorting the Muslim message and Islam" and is using his office for "poisoning with untruths the young, who are rushing to hear him pronounce the above mentioned phrases". This may indeed be empty rhetoric because the Chief Imam left Bugari to preach his message of hate and by leaving Bugari to preach, the highest Islamic authority in the Balkans is in effect endorsing Bugari's terrorist preaching.

Musafa Ceric may not have been able to remove Bugari because the rest of the imams in the council might also think the same, but are not bold enough to shout it out loud as Bugari does. Even the reis-ul-ulem of Bosnia who received the "UNESCO award for peace" has declared himself an "Islamic fundamentalist", just as Bugari. It is also Ceric who, with his authority, approves texts which appear in the official papers of the Islamic Community where exactly the same things are being written on jihad as the ones Bugari is saying. How can the US condemn someone now, after having awarded a Muslim for similar speech only a few months ago alleging his struggle for peace?

While the reis enjoys the prestige of a peacemaker, Bugari, on Ceric's behalf, calls for jihad against those who are turning Ceric into a peacemaker.

The case of the Pakistani arrest, Bugari and Durguti illustrate the increasing Albanian involvement into the worldwide network of Islamic jihad. In fact, the German Secret Services BND found that an Albanian of Austrian citizenship, certain Samedin Dzezairi, is a an Al Quaeda contact person for
the Balkans.

The fact that the man arrested in Pakisan is a native of Albania and not Kosovo is also an indicator of the degree of radicalization that a previously atheist Muslims of Albania are undergoing. When, after forty years of brutal communist and anti-religious policy, somebody manages to get involved with the Al Quaeda on his way to struggle for Islam, this shows more than anything else how strong Islam among Albanians in the Balkans.

Then we wonder why are Christian churches razed in Kosovo?

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