Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Serbian (American) Idol

A good laugh -- which we can all use once in a while. Click on title.


Anonymous said...

I think i may have found my calling...How do you get in touch with these people???? The "article" was timely and greatly needed and perhaps it helps explain how Serbs have existed under horrible conditions. We seem to be able to put things in their proper place.

Anonymous said...

I thought all Serbs were born with rhyphm....Now when i think about it, it wasn't Serbs was it???

Bokababe said...

Actually by nature, almost all of us think that we were "born to kolo", even if the footwork requires more than two left feet.

And we all do sing -- no matter how badly. I can think of a substantial number of SOC choirs who illustrate this point every Sunday.