Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Muslims Gave Away a State to the Montenegrins, Leader of Islamist Community in Montenegro Says

Banja Luka. The Muslims gave away a state to the Montenegrins because if they hadn’t taken a mass part in the referendum for the state status and hadn’t voted for its independence the country would not have received its independence, the leader of the Islamic community in Montenegro Rifat Fejzic stated cited by Serbian agency TANJUG.

“The Muslims voted for Montenegro’s independence so that the Great Serbia and its ideas would come to an end,” he said and added that now “Montenegro has the great obligation to value that which the Muslims have done for it”.

24 May 2006 | 20:14 | FOCUS News Agency


Anonymous said...

The muslim support of the referendum explains why the vote went the way that it did.It might have been a big mistake for the goofy muslims because now there might just be TWO separate SERBIAS..

Alex Belgrade said...

Why are they using a Greater Serbia as an excuse? Montenegro was not part of Serbia. It did not split from Serbia, as CNN and BBC incorrectly say. It was part of, and it split from the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro (formerly known as Yugoslavia).

Of course they do not mention that a Greater Albania is practically in the making. They do not mention that there are, or will be, 3 islamic states in the Balkans. Albania, Kosovo, and Bosnia (Muslim-Croat Federation).

In any case, the Muslims in Montenegro have voted, they have contributed to Montenegro's independence, and now the Sandzak region, formerly in one country - dominated by Muslims, is practically split in half - half of it is in Serbia and half in Montenegro. So, the Muslims have practically torn their own region in half. How smart is that? said...

The Greater Albania project is "unmentionable" in the press, but obvious to anyone with a grasp of history.

Take a good look at the New World Order's current map of the former Yugoslavia -- it is now precisely what it was under Nazi Germany in the early 1940s with the same groups (Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnian Muslims and Albanians)aliied with one another! The only difference between back then and now is that under Clinton, the US has put itself on the Nazi side in all of this instead of fighting it-- and yet President Bush inexplicably has not changed from Clinton's target direction either!

God Help us in this "New World Order" -- begun to look an awful lot like the 5th Reich to me!