Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bush has say on Kosovo

BELGRADE -- US President George Bush announced that Vojislav Koštunica will soon make a trip to the US.

Bush also called on Serbian Prime Minister Koštunica to listen to the needs of the Albanian majority in Kosovo. During a roundtable discussion with students in Vienna, Bush said that he will work with Koštunica on confirming the needs of the people of Kosovo, and that America’s politics are also interested in guaranteeing the rights of all minorities.

“We believe that dialogue between Serbia and those who aspire for an independent country in Kosovo need to be ongoing, in such a way that there is a resolution that meets the needs of the majority, and at the same time, enhances minority rights inside Kosovo. To this end, we're working with our European partners to try to just bring a sense of stability and a sense of calm so that a rational solution can be worked out, and so that the people, the Kosovars can realize dreams.” Bush said.

“The ultimate political solution is going to require a buy-in by both sides. And I think the proper role of the United States is to encourage this kind of dialogue. The Prime Minister of Serbia will be coming to the United States shortly and we will work with him to urge him to listen to the needs of the Kosovars, and at the same time, assure him that our policy is to guarantee minority rights.” the US President added. This is the first time that a trip by Koštunica to the US has been mentioned. Several days ago, US Senator George Vojinović called on Bush to invite Koštunica and Serbian President Boris Tadić to Washington.

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