Thursday, July 27, 2006

As Bush stands firm in the Middle East, he capitulates Europe

Writing for an outfit called last week, Weekly Standard contributor and longtime champion of Balkan Muslims Stephen Schwartz describes an overnight bus ride from Kosovo's capital Pristina to a resort town in Montenegro:

"A man behind me began speaking almost immediately and without stopping, in Albanian — which I understand…insistently focused on the nature of G-d (a favorite subject for Islamic fundamentalists), [and on] the nefarious influence of Sufis who thought they could reinterpret the faith, the evil intentions of Americans, Iraq, and bloodshed. I was startled because it is rare to hear Albanians, after the rescue of Kosovo, badmouth Americans…G-d is one, who are these people like this American who come and try to tell us how to be Muslims? What about Iraq? Why is this American here with his friend?"

Schwartz then describes a rest stop: "I did not find out where I was until I asked a waiter in the restaurant, because none of the Albanians crowded in the back with me and my Sufi companion and the whisperer in darkness would speak civilly to me. When I asked one man, in Albanian, the name of the town, he answered in Serbian: 'ne znam,' 'I don't know.' Another said it was the Montenegrin capital, Podgorica (it wasn't). And finally a thin punk who could not have been over 20, and who, I soon realized, had been encouraging the voice behind me, said in perfect English, 'I don't understand English.' At the end of the rest period all three people filed back into the bus and avoided looking at me.

"Muhammad woke up and asked me what was going on. I told him, 'Someone back here is making Wahhabi speeches.' He grinned as if in disbelief, but said, 'I'm not surprised.........

(Excerpt) Read more at Jewish World Review ...

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