Saturday, September 23, 2006

Christian Kosovo is Dying

By M. V. Pejakovich

Since I started posting to Serb Blog nine months ago, I have done my best to simply bring you the news relevant to Serbs in the US and overseas, and not to harrangue you with my personal opinions and ranting. But sadly, I can keep silent on this no longer. Christian Kosovo is dying, and I --as an American and a Christian --cannot simply stand by and say nothing while my country sells my Christian brothers and sisters in Kosovo down the river in the name of European & UN dirty politics.

These photos represent the real Kosovo for Serbs, not the sanitized UN version of Kosovo's "progress on human rights" and forged reports of "reductions in ethnic violence" designed to excuse the fact that under NATO & the UN's watch, more than 150 ancient Christian churches have been destroyed and thousands of Christians in Kosovo have been attacked, wounded, killed or ethnically cleansed in just 7 years and right under the useless noses of the international peacekeepers!

An explosion in western Kosovo injured four Serbs late Tuesday, the fourth bombing in the last five days, police said....Tuesday, September 19, 2006 4:36 PM

One of injured Serbs - Jela Pavlovic (80), photo KIM-info service

PRISTINA, Serbia-An explosion in western Kosovo injured four Serbs late Tuesday, the fourth bombing in the last five days, police said.

Another injured Serb woman - Dragica Pavlovic (54)
photo KIM-info service.

But this is all you hear from the mainstream media:

The blasts have raised tensions amid ongoing U.N.-led negotiations on whether Kosovo should become independent, which the province's ethnic Albanian leadership wants, or have broad autonomy but remain a part of Serb territory, as Belgrade insists.

Martti Ahtisaari, the chief U.N. envoy for Kosovo, is due to brief the U.N. Security Council on Friday. The latest round of U.N.-brokered talks on Kosovo's future status ended in stalemate last week in Vienna, Austria and Ahtisaari is expected to give in to (Muslim) Albanian demands for independence. The US and European representatives are expected to back Ahtasaari's recommendation for Kosovo independence.

An estimated 200,000 Christian Serbs fled Kosovo after the 1988-99 conflict, fearing revenge attacks. Today, only about 100,000 remain, most living in small, isolated enclaves scattered around the province.

Wounded Serbs hospitalized in Pec hospital after yesterday's bomb attack

The wounded Serbs have been visited by the Serbian
Orthodox Bishop Teodosije and monks from Decani Monastery

If President Bush & Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice continue to back "Kosovo independence", then "Kosovo" -- the "Field of Blackbirds" where thousands of Christians stood up to Islam and sacrificed their blood and lives six hundred years ago so that Europe could grow and prosper -- will simply cease to exist. Kosovo will have been crucified by European and American politicians, in our name, and in its place will be a Golgotha called "Kosova". The aberation called "Kosova" -- which by international law should not even exist -- will be nothing more than a dead land of shame, where it would be forever remembered that the US & Europe sold out the descendants of those Christian martyrs, signing their death warrants, and granted a glorious victory to Islamic jihad without even uttering a single word or firing a single shot in the Christians' defense. America will be capitulating to Islam without ever having attempted to defend our Christian values and heritage, meanwhile allowing corrupt European & US politicians to declare some sort of warped "victory for democracy" that we all know is a lie!

In a little time, America would easily forget Kosovo (indeed she probably already has), but God Forgets nothing. And while we can as a country continue to ask God for His Protection, His Mercy and His Justice against Islamic jihadists bent on America's destruction, we shouldn't be surprised if God one day answers us with, "Why are you bothering me by asking for things you yourselves refused to give when you could? Where was your offer of protection, justice and mercy to my Christian children of Kosovo when they called out to you and you turned away and pretended not to hear their cries! Where are you America, "home of the brave", who claim that I "shed my grace on thee" when you are trading my land and my people to narco-terrorist Islamists for a few more gallons of gas to feed your SUVs? Are you so vain, self-centered and oblivious to all but your own needs that you don't know what I am talking about? Or is it that you just don't care because it is not about you and your little world? To Christians, you know that I sent my only Begotten Son to save you; you killed Him, yet I Forgave you because He Asked Me to. But now you are letting the same thing happen again to more of my children in Kosovo with your dirty politics? Truly, I don't know you. Don't call my name again!"

I hope that this conversation with God never happens to us, because we do the right thing and stand up to these land-grabbing, death-dealing Islamists in Kosovo. It is still not yet too late to turn this terrible mistake around and save those who desperately need our support, saving our own souls in the process. But will we?

The American Council for Kosovo is giving it their best but they desperately need help spreading the word fast. Christian Solidarity International and The Institute on Religious Policy, Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch, writer & comedian Julia Gorin and many other people of conscience are literally risking their lives by speaking for those children of Kosovo who have no other voice to the outside world except theirs.

On Thursday, September 28th, 2006, these people and organizations, along with several others will be offering a presentation on the future of Kosovo, to Washington policy analysts and decision-makers, called "Reconsidering Kosovo"

And there are three things you can do to help them:

1. Write or email President Bush, Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and your senators and representatives in Washington ASAP telling them that you are opposed to "Kosovo independence" and to handing Kosovo over to Albanian terrorists. You can copy & paste the invitiation to this seminar into your email to your senators and representatives, asking your representatives to attend this presentation on your behalf. Your letter or email should be short and to the point (hints below), but it must contain your name and physical address to be taken into consideration.

2. And, secondly, you can pass this message on to as many Christians, churches and people of conscience as you can think, so that they write President Bush and their senators and congressional reps, too, to save Christian Kosovo. Time is of the essence because very soon it will be too late, so please do it now.

3. Thirdly, you can: pray for God's help in convincing our lawmakers that we are not willing to sell out our fellow human beings for a few pieces of silver (or a few gallons of oil); pray for God's protection & mercy for the suffering of Kosovo Christians; and pray for our own souls that we never be made to answer for those things that we could have done to save these helpless people and didn't.

There is no guarantee of success in this or in anything in life but to do your absolute best and leave the rest in God's Hands. Please do your best! The civilization you save may be your own.


Sample Letter (Feel free to use your own words or borrow mine to save you time!)

Your Name
12345 Center Street
Hometown, USA 12345

Dear President Bush:

Seven years ago President Clinton made a disastrous error in the Balkans and supported jihadist narco-terrorists known as the Albanian KLA in Kosovo. For 78 days, including Sundays and Easter, we bombed the Christian Serbs on the Albanians' behalf. And now these same Albanians have taken over territory and are forcing the Christian population of Kosovo to their knees. They have destroyed hundreds of Christian churches and forced the remaining Kosovo Christians to live like prisoners in their own homes.

Please do not sign the death warrants of the last remaining Christians in Kosovo on America's behalf and forfeit the Christian legacy of Kosovo forever. Please vote NO on Kosovo independence!


Ms. Serb Blog

You can use the same letter with Secretary of State and add the Kosovo Revisited invitation, also to the Senators and Representatives by adding a paragraph:

I also ask you, as my representative in Washington, to please attend Kosovo Revisited", a seminar offered by the American Council on Kosovo who views represent my own.


Anonymous said...

I took a look around this blog and what I found out? An extremely hate language against a people which dares to not be serb. Every single albanian here is described as an islamic, terrorist, mobster, ignorant, stupid, stinky, retarded and primitive man. And why? because the 95% of the population of Kosovo which is albanian doesnt want to be anymore part of an antidemocratic and terrorist country like Serbia, which hides her bloodthirst behind a fabricated epic nationalism and a pretended holy war. The language here is totally xenphobic and reminds me of the nazi theories against the jew people. For you guys, it would be cool if all the albanians would never exist or woud be gathered in a concentration camp and exterminated till the last one, for leaving you a comfort environment to cultivate your megalomaniac ideas of the great serbs - the choosen people. Shame on you. I am an albanian jew and I find what you did in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Kosovo and what are you doing nowadays in Sandjak and Presheva valley, as outrageus, unacceptable, murderous collective manslaughter.
Stop immediately this mentality which tells "you are ruler by default". Stop with feeding yourself with ilusions and open your eyes to see that nobody wants to live in the same state with the serbs. And if even montenegrians, croatians, slovenes, macedonias and everybody else avoids you, that means that something is wrong with you, not with them, and dont expect the albanians to be willing to share their life with you and to leave you rule them. You are not the center of the world. You are just a small population of a small country, like everyone else in the Balkans. Kosovo will be independent soon because it is a disputed territory between Albania and Serbia. Is not possible that this territory will be given to Albania for not feeding the nationalistic idea of the Greater Albania, even if Albania never has been a threat for the neighbouring countries and it never opened a war. But dont expect to keep this territory inside Serbia for dandling this way the serb nationalism, becasue an artificially great Serbia has proven to be an extremely dangerous and wrong idea. Europe knows that. I know you will not publish this post on your blog, but, whatever, I felt really sad when I looked around here and I just wanted to grumble for once the despair and the gloom I experience when I see around the web how much hate you guys have against us, only because we didnt had the luck to speak your language. That's really, really, really insane.
Buy. said...

Very thorough speech -- you didn't miss using a single anti-Serb propaganda buzzword or "Serbs as Nazis" metaphor.

But answer me one important question: How does someone who professes to being an "Albanian Jew who cares about Kosovo" happen to be posting from Saudi Arabia, where no religion except Islam is permitted? That is where one of the best blog site meters on the internet tells me you are posting from! I already knew that you couldn't be "a Jew from Kosovo" because your Albanian Islamist buddies already drove all the Jews out of Kosovo! But for you to think that we are so stupid that you could do what your Islamic faith tells you that you are permitted to do -- "lie to kaffir (non-Muslims)" -- and not get caught as being a Saudi, well you are dealing with the wrong people. And for you --whose Muslim Balkan friends were Hitler's allies in killing Jews and Serbs -- to use the WWII Holocaust as a metaphor, is just plain sick and heartless. You sir, are a liar and you only know all the anti-Serb propaganda buzzwords because your Islamist petro-dollars paid for them!

A little advice from this Montenegrin American (whose people were never conquered by your scimitar-weilding weirdos) -- go plant one of your Wahhabist mosques on Antartica and teach the penguins to wear short pants & bow toward Mecca, and get the hell off of Christian land! You don't belong in the Europe or the Americas, anymore than I belong in Saudi Arabia. We will never be dar al islam (the house of Islam) and if you consider us dar al harab (the house of war), then expect guilt-free resistance from those of us who know who you really are -- and who never asked for this fight, but won't run from it either.

Merry Christmas! Christ is Born! Glorify Him!

Sorry Brit said...

Haha gotcha !! Nice work serbblog. Albanian jew my arse.

I'm from the UK, and I'm ashamed of our army's contribution to NATO in the Balkans. I hope the British army never takes the side of muslims against fellow christians again.

CistaSrpkinja said...

To the ignorant Anonymous (Albanian) poster that must be terribly ashamed of who or what he/she is in order to hide behind the burka, I mean veil of anonymity...first off, how dare you compare the Albanian infester's to innocent Jews? The Jews were living a quiet peaceful existence all over the world just trying to make it through life. The Albanians (The street gang known as KLA) decided to rise up against one of the most righteous military forces on this planet, aka Serbian Military. They were given every opportunity to live a peaceful existence in someone else's country, but that was not enough for them, they wanted to TAKE something that did not belong to them just like others you so seem to want to use in your point...who am I speaking of, oh yeah, the NAZI' the way, if your an Albanian Jew I am Jesus…no such thing as an Albanian Jew liar, shame, shame. We don't want to put Albanians in concentration camps, we just want them to go back to the squalor of their own rotten country and stop infesting ours! They had their chance to live like civilized human beings, but instead they chose to shed blood and steal, well they came up against the wrong country to play that game with. Had it not been for the UN stepping in, they would have truly seen the might of the beast to its fullest..."They awoke a sleeping giant" when they poked and prodded the Serbians (who by the way did not surrender to Hitler). Lets also take the time to touch on one other matter...the Albanians the "fled" Kosovo and ran to Macedonia have managed to tear apart another country, and infest it, they have stolen homes and killed and raped women and children in the process of squatting. They dare to fly the Albanian flag next to the Macedonian one at the government buildings and now they want the Macedonian children to learn Albanian in school. How many more examples do you want of the cockroach type behavior of your people before you finally get are sub-human and deserve to live in the poverty stricken, morally corrupt, blood thirsty, uncivilized piece of land you call YOUR country, get the hell out of mine!

Marko Vrtikapa said...

I hope and pray that the Serbian community understand that during the current election process, Senator Clinton supports the KLA and the independence of Kosovo. I was a little disappointed when I saw Mrs. Clinton eating and drinking at Branko's restaurant in Northwest Indiana. I did not hear of any patrons questioning her on her stand in reference to Kosovo. Please contact as many friends and family members as possible and remind them that electing Clinton could help create an independent Kosovo.