Monday, October 30, 2006


Glas Javnosti
By Brana Crncevic

Serbia is a renter in Europe. We take out our old property registers and history books trying in vain to prove that we are living on our own property and paying abnormally high rent for it. They say the old books are not valid. We are not registered in Europe. In vain does Kosovo remain in the same location where it has always been. The Finn Ahtsaari) drawing up the new property registers for Serbia says that Serbia must be redivided. The Finn is the authorized surveyor who has already concluded that Kosovo will now live in Kosovo because Serbia no longer owns its own house. And where is Serbia supposed to live? Well, where is Serbia's proof that it built its house on its own land?

With each passing day our living space is getting smaller and our rent is getting higher. In the past there have been times when monasteries paid tithes to mosques because two Gods disagreed over religion and the faithful but somehow those times were easier to bear than this time of faithlessness. The candle was never extinguished. Now in Kosovo they are snuffing out our candle and our lightbulb, too; we pray to God in the dark. They say we deserve this darkness for our earlier and unforgivable sins? Atheists masked as faithful demand that we confess to them and admit our sins. The priests of the New World Order - a Godless church - among whom Mr. Ahtisaari is a shining example teach us that we did not know how to handle greatness and so now we must be small and meek; perhaps therein our fortune lies.

I watch all kinds of TV duels on every Serb issue and my hair stands on end. When some radical mentions Russia, China or Belorussia as possible friends of Serbia on whom we can count, the democratizer, who denies the radical the very right to exist, twists his mouth in a condescending smile. Russia, China, Belorussia... what nonsense! That smile says what the democratizer himself will not; he finds it amusing that there are still people today who believe in Russia, Belorussia and China instead of ingratiating themselves to America. The balance of power is clear to the democratizer. Only kowtowing to America and Europe can ensure we are registered in the European books. Otherwise, we don't exist. It's no secret that the people who are dividing up Serbia are the same people who are dividing up the planet. And if the entire planet accepts being divided up, well, who are we (to resist) if we don't even know who we are supposed to be kissing up to?

The democratizers accept the new political Western produced in America. Occasionally, they do show some sympathy for Serb nationalists, the red-skinned tribe condemned to destruction because of the irrational, hawkish actions of their former chiefs, the same ones who drove us all to this point. But the democratizers know that the Indian cause is a lost one and that the thing to do now is to sign up with the cowboys. Today they are riding on rockets of unfathomable range. We both saw it and we felt it. The cure for American and European pressure does not lie in Russian, Chinese or Belorussian pills. Let's be rational and accept everything. Those who think otherwise deserve a reservation or at the very least - lustration.

I have no quarrel with people who believe in democracy. It's a nice form of government, even the best form. Every democrat is OK. But I can't say the same of a single democratizer. Because democracy assumes respect for difference of opinion whereas a dictatorship of democrats does not. The democratizers are the Bolsheviks of democracy. You have to think the same way they do, or not at all!

Recently I was watching the American ambassador to Serbia, Mr. Michael Polt, on Radio Television Serbia. He is an intelligent politician. Three journalists besieged him with their courteous questions. They were polite; he was politer. He politely explained what his American colleague had meant when he said that the Albanian, it doesn't matter who, who heroically surrendered to the Hague tribunal from which that Serb, it doesn't matter which one, is fleeing in such cowardly fashion. Had I been there - as I was not - I would have asked him: "Mr. Polt, if Serbia heroically surrenders, is there hope that it will be released on its own recognizance? Will we get our own house back at that point or are we condemned to this comic fate of renting our own house?"

(Translated by sib on October 29, 2006)

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