Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Future of Kosovo from a Serbian-American Perspective

By: Michael Pravica, Ph.D.

(Originally published in Serbian in Glas Javnosti, Saturday, September 23, 2006)

I first visited Kosovo in 1988 with a group of Serbian-American
students who toured some of the many historic monasteries and
churches of Serbia and Montenegro. Even then, it was obvious to me
that there were ethnic tensions in the Serbian province as ancient
Churches were desecrated with Albanian graffiti, a car with Belgrade
license plates was overturned, and we had to always walk with a guard
during our stay at the Patriarchate of Pec. For me, this visit was
critical in solidifying my cultural awareness and pride as a

In that spirit, I strongly encourage the government of Serbia not to
allow the West to bully it into granting Kosovo independence. Though
there have been many innuendos about Serbia's difficulty in joining
the EC if Kosovo is not "let go," and talk of "lost incentives" for
Serbia, we should be very wary of any "promises" coming from the West as they have always been reneged. Serbia has a long tradition of self-sufficiency and independence. Joining the EC will not be a panacea.

In Kosovo, Serbs and Albanians have coexisted there for over 1300
years and must relearn how to coexist in the future. Granting
independence to this Serbian province would set a dangerous precedent that terrorists who slaughter, ethnically cleanse, and terrorize innocent civilians can successfully alter the borders of nations and would encourage terrorists the world over in conflict-ridden places such as Chechnya, Canada, Spain, Turkey, Iraq, China, etc.

From a Serbian-American perspective, Kosovo is part of Serbia, a sovereign nation. Though the ethnic demographics have shifted so that Albanians are currently in the majority, this has been due chiefly to illegal immigration of Albanians (encouraged by Tito) into the province. Granting Kosovo independence would be a dangerous
harbinger of what might happen to America due to massive illegal
immigration across its' Southern border with Mexico as many of these
immigrants wish to reclaim "Azatlan" for Mexico. Kosovo is now the
"black hole" of Europe and is becoming a fifth-column and training
ground for terrorists who will attack Western interests.

The West has no legal basis to steal Kosovo from Serbia. The UN (of
which Yugoslavia was a founding member) has no business interfering in Serbia's internal/domestic affairs. NATO was established to counter the no longer existent Soviet threat and should be out of Kosovo. Countries such as Germany that participated in the Holocaust of Serbs during WWII and helped catalyze the destruction of the former Yugoslavia for their own national interests should never have been allowed to station their troops in Kosovo. Serbia must regain Kosovo so that she can restore law and order because the UN and NATO are not doing the job. Serbia must also reclaim the businesses that were illegally pilfered by "philanthropists" such as George Soros. The Serbian Orthodox Church was the largest landowner in Kosovo before Tito. Lands that were illegally confiscated from The Church must be returned to their rightful owner.

During the summer of 2005, I met with two members of Congress,
Shelley Berkeley and Jon Porter (my Nevada representatives). They
agreed that Kosovo should remain with Serbia. I believe the US
government is beginning to realize that major errors were made
regarding Kosovo - especially in the post-9/11 climate - and my
feeling is that with enough activism and steadfast resistance from
the Serbian government, there is a good chance that the independence effort will not succeed. The Serbian government should work to restore ties with the United States and partner with it in the war on terrorism. We Serbian-Americans stand ready to aid the Serbian government in liaising with our elected officials and offering advice if requested. We must all jointly overcome lack of Serbian unity, lack of communication between the diaspora and Serbia, and lack of vision for the future.

No nation gives away land for nothing. The West may illegally
recognize Kosovo's independence but no self-respecting Serb should
ever accept it. Defeat occurs only when one accepts fate instead of
trying to change it.


teuta1 said...

No nation gives away land for nothing...and no price can be put on Kosovo.

teuta1 said...

No nation gives away land for nothing...and no price can be put on Kosovo.