Sunday, October 08, 2006

R.I.P. Congresswoman Chenoweth, we should have listened to you!

From the Town Crier Blog who expresses her loss beautifully:

I got the first news of the fatal accident yesterday that took the life of patriot, former congresswoman Helen Chenowith-Hage from a friend who met Helen the about the same time I did.

Helen gave a keynote speech a few years ago, at an event held in Klamath Falls, Oregon,where a lot of good Americans were doing their best to keep the federal government and rabid environmental lawyers from destroying the lives of 1400 farm families and the entire community. Helen and her husband Wayne Hage were there supporting their fellow Americans.

The couple met just months earlier and found love and companionship and common cause and worked tirelessly until Wayne's death of cancer just a few months ago.

We know Helen for her outstanding, outspoken work on property rights, but that wasn't all she was about. America has lost a great leader and friend. These are her words from 1999.

"Consider the case of the southwestern United States, a region referred to as "Aztlan," the mythical homeland of the Aztecs, by such militant groups as the "Brown Berets." Aztlan radicals have announced their intention to conduct la reconquista — the re-conquest — of that region through unrestrained illegal immigration, as well as subversion and violence. It is not difficult to foresee a future scenario in which the "international community" authorizes the use of military force in support of "autonomy" for Aztlan, in the same way that the war in Yugoslavia was launched in support of "autonomy" for an Albanian Muslim-dominated Kosovo."

Our Illegal War
by Congressman Helen Chenoweth

Congress must reclaim its authority

Vol. 15, No. 09
April 26, 1999

When the order was given for American military personnel to attack Yugoslavia, it was not issued following a declaration of war from Congress. Nor was the order given by the President as a means of repelling a sudden attack on America by a foreign aggressor, or as a measure intended to rescue Americans abroad from unexpected peril. In fact, the order to attack Yugoslavia didn’t even follow the pattern set in Korea and Vietnam, in which our nation was committed to protracted foreign wars through unilateral presidential action. On March 23rd, the order to commence hostilities was given to an American general by a Spanish Marxist — NATO Secretary-General Javier Solana.

"I have just directed the Supreme Allied Commander of Europe, General [Wesley] Clark, to initiate air operations in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia," announced Solana, who insisted that the attack "is intended to support the political aims of the international community." Congress played no role in defining those political aims, which means that the American people — in whose name Congress is empowered to act — were not permitted to play any role in the decision to commit our nation to war.......Excerpt, the rest at TownCrier

Vjecnaja Pamjat Congresswoman Chenoweth! You will be missed!

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