Saturday, December 23, 2006

VOA: Concerns Mount Over Kosovo's Status

By Barry Wood
22 December 2006

Reaching a decision on the final status of the disputed Serbian province of Kosovo is becoming more difficult, because of Russian objections and a lack of consensus within the 25-nation European Union. VOA's Barry Wood has this report.

A decision by the European Union on Kosovo's future has been in limbo since the end of NATO's bombing campaign in 1999. Coupled with a lack of Russian support, it seems a quick solution for the region is further out of reach, according to Kosovo expert Daniel Serwer.

"I don't see the possibility of a peaceful, negotiated solution," he said. "Rather [I see] a continuation of delays and uncertainty, which could lead to problems in Kosovo."

Even though it remains officially linked to Serbia, Kosovo has been administered by the United Nations since fighting ended. Almost all its population - more than 90 percent ethnic Albanians - want independence, but Serbia refuses to agree.

A United Nations negotiator has been meeting for months with ethnic Albanians and Belgrade, trying to prepare a plan for Kosovo's future, whether it will become an independent nation or remain part of Serbia. An end-of-the-year deadline has been extended until at least January 21, however, to avoid undue influence on parliamentary elections Serbia is holding on that date.

Serwer tells VOA it will be difficult to obtain Russian support for conditional independence for Kosovo - the U.N. negotiator's most likely recommendation. Moscow, Serbia's traditional ally, has said repeatedly that no solution can be imposed against Serbia's wishes.

Bulgaria's foreign minister, Ivailo Kalfin, says Kosovo is the key to the entire western Balkan region. A peaceful, internationally accepted outcome, he says, will move Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Montenegro towards European Union membership. Kalfin says it is essential that Kosovo retain its multiethnic character.

"It's crucially important that the Serbs in Kosovo can be involved and stay there," he said. "Of course, they need to have security. They need to receive the possibility to work, to make their living. They need to be more engaged in the political life of whatever is happening in Kosovo."

Bulgaria and Romania will become the 26th and 27th members of the European Union on New Year's Day.

Monday, December 18, 2006


New York, 18 Dec. (AKI) - Serbs living in the United States are reported to be deeply disturbed and worried by recent arrests of fellow Serbs in connection with the 1990s Balkan wars, community leaders have said. In a six-state swoop, American agents arrested 13 Serb immigrants last week and are looking for another three who are still at large. One of those arrested, Nedjo Ikonic, is being investigated for allegedly having taken part in the massacre of up to 8,000 Muslim men and boys in the eastern Bosnian town of Srebrenica when it was overrun by Serb forces in July 1995.

If convicted, Ikonic and other suspects face up to ten years in jail and deportation from the US. "These cases demonstrate our resolve to identify and prosecute those who enter the US under false pretences," said deputy attorney general Paul McNulty. "Especially those who hide their military past," he added.

Those arrested were poor immigrants who had no money for lawyers of bail to defend themselves from freedom, the Serbian consul in Chicago, Desko Nikitovic, told Vesti daily. He said Serbia could not help them because most were Bosnian citizens.

"Unfortunately, this is a huge operation in which only Bosnia-Herzegovina can intervene with Washington. No-one needs to spoil the relations between our two countries, which have been improving," said Nikitovic.

Milwaukee lawyer, Nikola Kostic, said he was trying to organise a team to offer legal help to the arrested and their families, because neither Serbia nor Serb organisations in America have shown much interest in helping the suspects.

"Serbs are being hunted throughout America, but no one is checking Bosnian Muslims and Croats who have immigrated to the United States in the past 10-15 years," Zika Petrovic of Denver, Colorado, told Vesti. "No one asks them whether they have concealed what they did in the wars, what army they served and whether they committed crimes against Serbs," Petrovic said. "All this is creating an unfortunate impression that the war against Bosnian Serbs has now shifted to US soil," he concluded.

Vesti, distributed throughout Serbian emigre community - which numbers a million in the US - said that there is a list of over 300 people, submitted to the United States by Bosnian authorities and the United Nations' Yugoslav war crimes tribunal, who are suspected of having committed crimes during the 1992-1995 Bosnian civil war.

Officially, the suspects are being charged for failing to report to immigration authorities that they served in the Bosnian Serb army, which fought against local Muslims. (Vpr/Aki)

Saturday, December 09, 2006


Podgorica, 8 Dec. (AKI) - Montenegro's special prosecutor for organised crime, Stojanka Radovic, on Friday indicted 18 ethnic Albanians, including five United States citizens, for planning terrorist attacks in the southern Malesia region, aimed at putting it under ethnic Albanian control. The group planned to take over police stations, border crossings to Albania and all key institutions in Malesia, with the aim of expelling the non-Albanian population and creating an ethnic Albanian controlled territory.

The operation called the Flight of Eagle, which is an Albanian national symbol, was averted a day before it actually carried out its plans and maximal sentence for the crime, if convicted, would be up to 15 years in jail.

The group was arrested on September 9 on the eve of parliamentary elections in Montenegro, and planned to start terrorist activities during the election night with the help of former members of the Kosovo Liberation Army (UCK), the indictment said.

Radovic said the group was financed by ethnic Albanian immigrants in the United States, based in Detroit, and five members of the group came from that area. The US has taken an interest in the case and has sent a team of doctors and legal experts to supervise the investigation.

Radovic said the police found a large quantity of weapons and explosives hidden in Malesia caves, river canyons and homes of the indictees, presumably brought by UCK members from Serbia’s predominantly ethnic Albanian southern Kosovo province. UCK started a rebellion against Serbian rule in 1998 and the province was subsequently put under United Nations control.

Ethnic Albanians make about five percent of the tiny Balkan country of Montenegro’s 620,000 population and are concentrated in the Malesia region, bordering Albania and around southern town of Ulcinj.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bungling the Balkans (Again)

By M. V. Pejakovich

A recent online article from the German magazine, Der Spiegel, titled "Al Qaida's White Muslims in Bosnia" (translated into English from the original German) featured an interview with former Al Qaeda operative in Bosnia, Ali Hamad, who is now in a Bosnian prison. Hamad only said what many of us have been saying for years -- that "young Arab males" aren't all that Homeland Security needs to looking out for. Thanks to the US' bungled Balkan policies, Al Qaeda has now set up a base of operations in the Balkans, recruiting blonde-haired, blue-eyed Bosnian Muslim terrorist sleeper cells to infiltrate Europe and the US. These Bosnians look like every other Slav, because by blood, they are -- their families were converts to Islam during the time of the Ottoman Turks. In fact, they look pretty much like the rest of us Americans, so perhaps the PC approach avoiding racial profiling at US airports, may yet redeem itself if it catches one of these guys prior to the next 9/11!

For years, even for those few in our US State Department who acknowledged that this radical Muslim element in Bosnia and Kosovo existed, still blamed Serbs for it because they say that these "mujahaddin only came to Bosnia (& Kosovo) to save their brother Muslims". "Not so", says Hamad. "Al-Qaeda wasn't interested in helping the Bosnian Muslims, they were interested in creating a base that would allow them to increase their radius of operations - much like the USA with their bases spread across the globe. Some leaders of the Western World noticed this, but did nothing." Yes, Hamad, and these Western leaders are still "doing nothing" -- unless you consider the US now trying to give Kosovo-Metohija (translated from Serbian: "Field of Blackbirds, Churchland") to radical Muslim Kosovo Albanians to be "doing something"! And it's a "something" designed to get even more of us in the West killed!

To those of us who listened to CNN's talking head, Christiane Amanpour during the Bosnian war continually bemoan the fate of the "poor unarmed Bosnian Muslims... fighting the Serbs with pitchforks", it may come as some surprise to know that according to Hamad, this was rubbish. "For example, the Bosnian army and our units were supplied with weapons from Iran during the time of the embargo ." If that gets a "Wow!" out of you, then how about the fact that little Christiane never mentioned the fact that she was married to then Clinton press secretary, Jamie Rubin? Or the fact that Christiane was born in Iran! "Unbiased reporting"? Yeah, sure, and if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you! But, then again, Al Qaeda in Bosnia really didn't need those sophisticated arms all that much, because Hamad says that the mujahaddin preferred more readily available primitive weapons, "Of course our methods were cruel. Al Qaeda demanded to torture the enemy, to cut him into pieces with chainsaws, to massacre him with knives." Gee, Christiane, how come we never heard about that before? No wonder the Bosnian Serbs were furious!

Hamad is not the only one calling attention Wahhabist radicals in Bosnia (who seem to have won out over their Iranian Shiite counterparts). Bosnian Muslim, Jasmin Merdan says the same about this Wahabbi invasion. " Merdan is one of the few people to draw attention to the alarming situation in connection with the Wahhabis in Bosnia-Hercegovina. He says that when the Wahhabis arrived in Bosnia, 13 years ago, the people disapproved of them, considering them a foreign element. However, over the years, they managed to establish a "brand" so that the Bosniaks have in a way "legalized" their existence in Bosnia."
Big surprise to our leaders? Not really, Sky News did a piece on it a few years ago telling everyone that the Mujahaddin were still alive and well in Bosnia. But everyone was too busy listening to Carla del Ponte scream for the heads of Karadzic and Mladic on a plate to pay attention!

At least the Al Qaeda Wahhabis in Bosnia haven't been quite as obvious as they are in Kosovo where, since Bill Clinton authorized the 1999 NATO Bombing of Yugoslavia and the UN took over, you can now find a brand, spanking new "bin Laden mosque", flying the Saudi flag! Nice to see our tax dollars at work, helping Wahhabi Islam make inroads 2,000 miles from Mecca on Christian land!

Funny though, since American writers like Stella Jatras have called attention to the mosque, the Albanians have been attempting to change the name (at least temporarily) lest it hurt their chances for an "independent Kosovo". If I were them, I wouldn't worry about it. President Bush and Condi Rice have been so eager to not upset Democrats that they have refrained from messing with "the Clinton legacy" -- (read "Clintonista bungled Balkan policy". And people say that Clinton was doing nothing about the radical Islamists pre-9/11! Wrong. He was helping them establish themselves in the Balkans!). Unfortunately, Bush & Co have just continued the same stupid, defeatist course of being "against the Serbs", and "for the Bosnian & Kosovo Albanian Muslims", even if it kills them -- and us!

Independent of what we do, Bosnia will sooner or later come apart at the seams. Serbs will never again live under Muslim rule. They already did that for four hundred years and they aren't going back. To all the warring parties, Dayton was just "a truce", never "a pact" for the long term, no matter how much the West would like to delude itself into thinking otherwise. And the more that the Euro-Nazis demand centralization of Bosnia, the quicker the next war there will happen -- it's only a matter of "when", not "whether" it will happen. When Bosnia does come unglued again, just whose side will the US take, post-9/11? The one who harbors Al Qaeda (the Muslims) or the one who fought Al Qaeda before we did (the Serbs)? That is the IQ test for our leaders and don't expect many of them to pass it!

Kosovo is also a powder keg no matter what we do, and -- yet for whatever insane reasons -- the US State Department is intent on stealing it from Serbia and giving it away to the Kosovo Albanians. If the Kosovo Albanians get their way, "Kosovo" won't become independent, it will simply cease to exist. The Muslim Albanians call the place "Kosova" (which has no translation in any language) and they have already driven out two hundred thousand Serb Christians, among others, since the 1999 NATO Bombing, and they have destroyed/desecrated over 150 Christian Churches right under the noses of the UN & NATO Peacekeepers. In March 2004, Christian Serbs got a taste of what this independent "Kosova" would look like and they said, "We'll pass. We'd like to stay in Serbia, thank you", which they have every legal right to do. But because "Kosova independence" hasn't come quickly enough for them, the Albanians took out their wrath on UN Headquarters in Pristina just a few days ago. Expect violent repeat performances from the Albanians in the near future.

All the Internationals are so afraid of the Albanians that want to cut & run from Kosovo, which is why they are considering giving the Albanians their "independence" in the first place. Ordinarily, this "cut & run" policy might not be a bad one, since we should never have interfered in Kosovo the first place. But, in this case, it would be a disaster. Muslim radicals have already infiltrated the Kosovo, and "independence" would only give Al Qaeda another base of operations in the Balkans. The Albanian Mafia has already made Kosovo a hub for the traffic of heroin, sex slaves, and illegal arms, and it is only likely to get worse when the Internationals are no longer around and Serbia is no longer a factor.

And if anyone thinks the Albanian demands will end with Kosovo if they are successful, then they are sorely mistaken. Think Western Macedonia, Southern Serbia, Northern Greece and Southern Montenegro . Albanians in all of these areas are claiming that they are being "persecuted", when all the while, they are the ones ethnically cleansing the native populations.

The Albanians are trying to realize the dream of a "Greater Albania" and the Albanian American Civic League has made no bones about it. They even ran this map (below) of a Greater Albania on their website for years until once again --they got caught and removed it! ."

Open the door for one of these false Albanian land claims by giving them Kosovo and you open it for them to take it all -- as they already have on this map. If the Albanians are successful, then they will create an Islamic corridor from Albania straight through Kosovo, Northern Greece and Macedonia, up over the Sandzak in Serbia and up through Bosnia, linking up all the Muslims in the former Yugoslavia. This is Balkan corridor that has already proven useful for running drugs, weapons and sex slaves, right under the noses of the police and UN forces. Think of how well it would work for Al Qaeda if it was a UN authorized and financed operation, paid for with your tax dollars and mine!

There are some who see the issues clearly here and are fighting against this tide of stupid self-destruction that Western politicians have been embracing. In the US, The American Council for Kosovo, along with Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch, writers Julia Gorin and Stella Jatras, and Srdija Trifkovic, are doing everything that they can to call attention to this continuing Balkan blunder, in order to turn it around. But it has been an uphill climb for all concerned, mainly because the "pro-Albanian" propaganda still runs thick in the West thanks to the powerful PR whores, who are the best that Saudi money can buy! These PR firms did well in boodoggling the US against the Serbs in Bosnia which makes the second round fight against Serbs over Kosovo even easier, because no one wants to admit that they were wrong. Well I am not afraid to admit that we were wrong if it will save our lives. I tell President Bush & my elected representatives "no" on Kosovo independence regularly, and so should you! (Just click on the image below)

Believe it or not, even Russia turns out to be doing a better job protecting ordinary Americans (and themselves), than our own US leaders are doing -- Russia vows to use its Security Council veto if Kosovo independence is imposed on Serbia I know, I know, Russia isn't supposed to be our friend, but then again, our elected politicians are supposed to "represent the interests of the American people", too. Instead they are kneeling like dhimmi before the great god of Petroleum -- Islam -- and it's representatives on earth -- the Saudis. They expect the rest of us to do the same. These idiot politicians actually make me embarrassed to be an American and that's pretty hard to do, as I am the child of an unabashed ground-kissing, flag-waiving, immigrant-turned-citizen, who never let a day go by without telling his kids how lucky he felt to be here in the US and how blessed we should feel to be Americans, too!

This Russian promise to use its veto power has "taken the US by surprise", states Nicholas Burns, US Under Secretary for Political Affairs. It seems that only US diplomats who failed the "IQ test", like Nicholas Burns, Daniel Serwer, and Richard Holbrooke ever get sent to the Balkans. Given that this is precisely where WWI started, we might want to think about making better choices for Balkan assignments.

There are some who say that 9/11 was the first act in WIII. Others who say that it started much earlier than that with the first WTC bombing in the 1993.

Or -- maybe history has repeated itself and actually chose Sarajevo again, for such a fate. If so, then WWIII began on February 29th, 1992, when Muslims opened fire on a Serbian wedding party killing the groom's father and these shots became the first rounds fired in the Bosnian war. If this is the case, then the only place to end WWIII's Islamic Jihad is where it began on European soil -- in the Balkans. We draw a line in the sand and to paraphrase Nancy Reagan, "Just say No" to Kosovo Independence and "No" to any more Islamic States in Europe, period! Doesn't seem difficult to understand to me. As a matter of fact, it is the most clear and obvious choice of any -- yet for our elected and appointed US representatives who fail to pass that IQ test, this solution seems to be beyond them.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Al Qaeda's White Muslims in Bosnia

"No general had the authority to command us", former al Qaeda activist Ali Hamad reports about his time as commander of a Mujaheddin unit in the war in Bosnia. In the Interview with SPIEGEL ONLINE the former terrorist warns of a sleeper network in the Balkans.

SPEIGEL ONLINE: You fought as the commander of an al Qaeda unit in Bosnia, ordered by Bin Laden. Today you call yourself his biggest enemy. Why did you renounce terrorism?

Hamad: I was hired by al Qaeda officers in Bahrain when I was 17 years old. My family had cast me out and I welcomed any help that could promise me a home and bread. After a 13 month long training in an al Qaeda camp in Afghanistan I became a soldier in one of Bin Laden's units. He convinced me that we would fight a Holy War for Islam, which I was told was under attack by Judaism and Christianity.

SPEIGEL ONLINE: Including suicide attacks?

Hamad: The lectures in Afghanistan had brain washed me. I would definitely have wired myself with explosives and blown myself up cold-bloodedly some place, if I could take hundreds of our enemies with me.

SPEIGEL ONLINE: You would have had no second thoughts about sacrificing your own life?

Hamad: If you see your fellow fighters embrace death without hesitation, you follow them blindly. Our teachers convinced us that death is painless - it would feel like the sting of a needle at most. And anyone who would kill a Christian or a Jew would only exchange his visible body with an invisible one.

SPEIGEL ONLINE: In the 8 years that you have been here in the Bosnian Zenica prison, you wrote a book about Al Qaeda. The book mainly deals with Al Qaeda's role in the war in Bosnia.

Hamad: Al-Qaeda wasn't interested in helping the Bosnian Muslims, they were interested in creating a base that would allow them to increase their radius of operations - much like the USA with their bases spread across the globe. Some leaders of the Western World noticed that, but did nothing.

SPEIGEL ONLINE: What makes you think that?

Hamad: For example, the Bosnian army and our units were supplied with weapons from Iran during the time of the embargo.

SPEIGEL ONLINE: While standing before the Hague tribunal, you were mainly asked about your connection to the Bosnian army. The prosecutors were interested, whether the mujaheddin -- who are known for their extreme cruelty -- had been under command of the Bosnians.

Hamad: 1992 there had been a mass influx of mujaheddin into the Balkans. Our route led via Frankfurt to Zagreb, Split and from there via Mostar into Bosnia. Croats and Bosnians let us pass and those who wanted a Bosnian passport received it - though most of us used false names for that. The political and military command of Bosnia at that time, granted us the highest privileges and immunity from the police.

SPEIGEL ONLINE:Was there no protest against your fighting methods?

Hamad: Of course our methods were cruel. Al Qaeda demanded to torture the enemy, to cut him into pieces with chainsaws, to massacre him with knives. Though we officially had to obey the command of the Bosnian army, our conditions were accepted. No Bosnian general was allowed to command us.

SPEIGEL ONLINE: Contrary to the Dayton peace treaty, the foreign combatants actually stayed in the country, as "sleepers" for future terror attacks on the European continent?

Hamad: The Bosnian leadership put themselves out so we would get Bosnian passports after the war. We were advised to marry Bosnian women, so we could stay in the country as civilians. Many al Qaeda fighters entered "humanitarian organizations" and got their papers that way. Concerning the future danger of terrorism: Had the terrorism in Bosnia not been able to root in the Balkan, he (bin Laden) would not be able to threaten Europe as open as he is doing it now.

SPEIGEL ONLINE: Bosnia wants to become a member of the EU. Doesn't al Qaeda have to fear that the persecution of potential mujaheddin will become much easier for the EU (and also the USA) in this way?

Hamad: In the current Bosnian leadership, there are those who welcomed our arrival in the past. Also there were 400 native, Bosnian mujaheddin in our unit, which supported the terrorist methods of al Qaeda. Today, about 800 Bosnians belong to the so-called "White al Qaeda " - they are terrorists with white skin. Their enrollment is supported by the economic crisis. These will help later on to expand this terror network into Europe.

(Translated from the original article in German)

Friday, December 01, 2006

Nazi-hunter blasts Croatia's 'Auschwitz' museum

The head of the Holocaust memorial group the Simon Wiesenthal Center criticized Croatia over a newly opened museum at the site of a fascist World War II concentration camp, in written comments.

"I saw an exhibition which was a big disappointment," Efraim Zuroff wrote in an article published in the weekly Globus.

"To my disbelief, there was not a single photograph of the commanders of Jasenovac," he said of the camp at which his organization estimates some 600,000 mostly Serbs and Jews were killed during World War II.

Zuroff said that any young visitors to the museum would "leave probably more confused then they were before" they visited an education center on atrocities committed at the camp by the "Ustasha" regime.

"In a museum dealing with nameless Ustasha (members), no individual can be made responsible," said Zuroff.

"More importantly, it lacks materials or explanations about the development of the Ustasha ideology before the war -- hatred against Serbs and anti-Semitism, which helped the spread of genocidal policy," he added.

The education center was opened Monday along with a new permanent layout of the Jasenovac museum in an official ceremony attended by Croatian President Stipe Mesic and Prime Minister Ivo Sanader.

The memorial museum exhibits the names of about 70,000 people killed at the camp.

But the number of people murdered at Jasenovac -- mainly Serbs, followed by Jews, Roma and anti-fascist Croatians -- is still disputed, with estimates ranging between 100,000 by the US Holocaust Memorial Museum and 700,000 by Belgrade.

During his visit Zuroff met with Croatian state attorney Mladen Bajic and urged him to intensify efforts to prosecute Ustasha police chief Milovoj Asner, now living in Klagenfurt, Austria.

Vienna rejected a request by Croatia in September 2005 for Asner's extradition on the basis that he has an Austrian passport, but said it would consider trying the man itself.

Asner, 93, is accused by the Wiesenthal Centre of having participated in the persecution and deportation of hundreds of people killed in Ustasha concentration camps.

"Time is rapidly running out in this case and therefore a concentrated effort must be made by all involved parties to finally convince the Austrian authorities that there is absolutely no basis for their refusal to turn over the former police chief," Zuroff said in a statement.

Zuroff also pressed Croatia to investigate former Ustasha commander Ivo Rojnica who is living in Argentina.