Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Sarajevo, 2 March:

Legal teams from Bosnia-Hercegovina and the Netherlands representing the families of the victims of Srebrenica are expected to file charges at the beginning of April against Holland and the UN for their responsibility for the events in Srebrenica, and demand damages to the tune of 2bn KM [Bosnian marks - 1.345bn dollars], writes today's [Sarajevo daily] Dnevni avaz. The paper said that the lawyers would try to prove that Dutch troops were actively assisting units of the [Bosnian] Serb army.

Source: SRNA news agency, Bijeljina, in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian 0840 gmt 2 Mar 07 BBC Monitoring


SerbBlog.com said...

Couldn't resist copying this response posted on Free Republic to this article, because it pretty much says it all:

"Aw man, I LUV this internet thingy, it's amazing what one can kind. Thank you Al Gore.
~~~snip~~ Although the Serbs seized Bratunac, they were not able to take Srebrenica itself. The city was defended by Naser Oric, a Rambo-like figure (read - Muslim terrorist) whose troops (and associated squads of civilian torbari, or "bag people") inflicted a number of smaller atrocities on Serb villages around the Srebrenica pocket. Eventually, in April 1993, Serb forces closed in for a final crushing of the town and Oric's forces.

...... In Srebrenica ... most of the "battle-age" males -- mostly unarmed non-combatants (Hardy-har-har) -- took to the hills in a desperate attempt to flee to Muslim-held territory to the west.

(I especially like this part): Who is responsible?
The blame surely extends to the member states of the United Nations -- perhaps especially to its most powerful member, the United States. .. was news of this impending massacre -- the worst in Europe since 1945 (bullsh*t) -- really not available to America's two most powerful figures (Bill Clinton and Al Gore) beforehand?

"The U.N. saved the Serbs from our counterattack. We were ready to take it all back."

So lemme see if I understand...
Muslim terrorists revolt and commit atrocities against Christian Serbs. Yugoslavia responds to crush the murdering Muslim Terrorists and the revolt. Then 'we' get involved by backing the Terrorists to aid in their revolt (Yugoslavia sovereignty be dammed) by indiscriminately bombing them into the stone age from 20,000 feet with 'dumb bombs' and killing tens of thousands of innocent Serb civilians in the process. Then the Terrorists win, but then they blame the USA for not killing enough Christian Serbs fast enough to suit them.

Okay, that makes sense now! (Eye roll)

Red Queen said...

This is so ridiculous.

Somebody better give some money to Bosnian Muslims, or they'll go around suing everyone, untill they get their propaganda fuled, blood soaked money.
Afterall Saudi money can support only so many Shahids and Mujahedeens in Bosnia. Western money is needed to aid other things too!