Friday, March 02, 2007

Hate Propaganda Against Serbs in America

Above is a copy of a poster for an upcoming lecture at Kent State University by Arizona State University Professor, Peter French. Peter French is a Soros clone, who is spouting horrible racist hatred against Serbs. French intends to spread his venomous hatred against Serbs again on March 7th at a "free lecture, open to the public" at Kent State.

The description on the attached poster below the line "On Being Morally Challenged" reads:

"During the ethnic cleansing in Kosovo, Serbian men described themselves as compelled to rape and murder Kosovar women & children. This provoked necessity was felt and sustained by collective memories nurtured in Serbs for seven centuries....

French and others like him must be stopped! The Serb right to preservation of its people, churches and land in Kosovo is perverted by French into a "Serb need to rape and kill women & children", which is a horrible racist lie! If French were to attempt such a characterization of any other ethnic group, no respectable university would even consider allowing such a lecture. But we have allowed Serbs to fair game for this kind of racist hate speech in America and the diaspora, because we have not spoken out loudly enough and not fought back hard enough. This must change or Serbs will forever be forced to hang their heads about their Faith and ethnic identity, even here in America!

Please click here or on the title link above and write or call Kent State University and demand that Kent State cancel this racist hate festival against Serbs. And also write or call Arizona State University -- especially if you or your children attend ASU or are alumni-- and demand Peter French cease and desist from promoting such racist ideology. Men with racist "ethics" like these should not be allowed to teach our children or anyone's children!
(If by some chance we are not able to stop this lecture from happening and if you are anywhere near Kent State, please attend this lecture and bear witness to the truth about our persecuted Serbs in Kosovo. Do not let this injustice go unanswered!)


Anonymous said...

How can you claim to know the ethics of this speaker based on a few lines on a poster? Do you even know if he wrote the words on the poster? Have you read his talk? The poster only says what he will comment on - not what position he will ultimately take. How do you know his conclusions are not, in fact, pro-Serb? A racist hates without reason, judges where he is ignorant, drawing conclusions about people he does not know. Have you not done the same -- and potentially done a great injustice to his man you have never met? said...


Don't be ridiculous. If the poster is not an accurate description of Peter French's talk, then that is between him & Kent State University. However, if it is an accurate description, then it is totally outrageous and it is misleading political propaganda.

There has been NO record of systematic rape by Serbs of Muslims or Albanians in the Balkans. "Rape camps" & "systematic rape by Serbs" were propaganda ploys used by the Izetbegovic government in Bosnia to get the US militarily involved in their civil war. Both the UN & Red Cross verified that NO such "rape camps" existed.

The "systematic rape by Serbs" propaganda lie is simply been repackaged and reprocessed for public consumption to apply to Kosovo Albanians in this presentation, when in fact no such evidence exists.

Any presentation of "the rape & murder of Kosovar women & children by Serbs" is lying to the public about events which never took place.

America guarantees the right to freedom of speech -- but not the right to cry "fire" in a crowded theater when no such fire exists! This presentation, as the poster describes it, involves crying "fire" because the premise is a politicized lie.

And America also guarantees one not to be discriminated against based on race, color or religion. This presentation, as described, violates both of those rights for Serbs -- and frankly, we have had enough of it! said...

In answer to whether or not I know what "Peter French will say in his lecture" -- no one knows precisely what an individual will say with any certainty, because as humans we have free will and the right to change our minds. However, the maxim that "the best indicator of future behavior is past behavior" is not without merit.

Here is an email that was sent to me in response to my article:

"Thank you for sending the info about that famous professor's lecture... I have already received several announcements similar to yours.

One thing I can tell you. I have had "the privilege" to hear this same fellow during a AAASS conference in Utah, when he said that "the Serbian Church is teaching her people to be immoral"!!!!!!!! Even some American professors who know Eastern Europe and the Balkans were totally shocked. So, absolutely nothing else shocks me."

There have been further confirmations from others that his lectures follow that same course of thought.

So which injustice should really be adressed -- his or mine? Is this what you want your children taught? Because I don't, nor do I believe any other reasonable person would.

Max said...

How Yugoslavia was destroyed: