Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Independent Kosovo a Muslim mafia state

March 18, 2007 -- Kosovo Albanian military and police is under complete control of the notorious Muslim Albanian mafia and if Kosovo becomes independent, the mafia will have an unprecedented total control, from the top to the underground, says Marko Nicovic, former Chief of Belgrade police and an expert on mafia crimes in the Balkans.

"At the last congress in Phoenix in Arizona where I participated last October, the final conclusion of the congress was that 90% of all financial support of terrorist action in the world comes from drug dealing, and if you have on the other side the Albanian mafia, it is connected with all of these activities," says Nicovic.

Over 40% of the world heroin smuggling is controlled by the Albanian mafia, and only in the US, 30% of heroin is sold by the emerging Albanian Muslim mafia cartel.

The international recognition of Kosovo will strengthen the drug cartelization that is already taking place through arranged marriages between Muslim Albanian families in Kosovo and the drug producers in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran says Marko Nicovic.

Nicovic warns that the Kosovo Albanian familial chains with Muslim drug families in the Golden Crescent will be impossible to penetrate by the law enforcement.

"When I was appointed Chief of Police in 1983 it is the first time that I met the power of the Albanian mafia. I warned my colleagues in the West that it will be hard to penetrate because all family is involved in smuggling and that makes very difficult for undercover agents to penetrate this structure," says Nicovic.

Arranged marriages between Kosovo Muslim drug families with ones in Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan is the emerging horizontal integration of the heroin supply from the producers there to the suppliers in Kosovo and only family members will be allowed into this inner sanctum of drugs and terror.

"It will be the very big problem for the Western countries especially now when Kosovo is almost independent. After that European countries will have our Columbia in Europe," says Nicovic. "It will be the first time in history that mafia has its own country."

Nicovic says that large amount of the Albanian mafia money is invested into political activities such as lobbies that advocate independence for Kosovo.

Richard C. Holbrooke, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, on the left, enjoying company with a Kosovo Albanian Florin Krasniqi, a weapons smuggler from New York pictured in the middle, and Wesley Clark on the right at a political fundraiser for John Kerry.

"That lobby would organize the structure that would include, for example, some Congressman, some journalist, some analysts, institutes, foundations... for the project of an independent Kosovo," says Nicovic.

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Kosovo - narco terrorist "state".....