Sunday, March 18, 2007

Novi Pazar, Serbia -- Police Raid Wahhabi Terrorist Camp

NOVI PAZAR -- Police have arrested four people in connection to a Wahhabi terrorist camp discovered near Novi Pazar Saturday.

A police statement said they found a huge cache of plastic explosives equipped with trigger mechanisms, various caliber bullet rounds, protective masks, several kinds of military uniforms and hand grenades in the camp and a cave 30 kilometers from the southern Serbian town.

The four arrested were identified as Mirsad Prentić, Fuad Hodžić, Vahid Vejselović and Senad Vejselović, all members of the Muslim Wahhabi movement from Novi Pazar.

One suspect managed to escape during the raid and police said they were searching for him.

Among the material confiscated in the camp, police also discovered printed terrorist propaganda, military survival manuals, medical supplies, a saber, compasses, binoculars and maps.

The police statement said the raid that took several days to execute would continue with “intensive action to identify and locate organizers and members of this terrorist group.”

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