Sunday, March 11, 2007

Utah Paper Reassures Americans by Interviewing Moderately Violent Bosnian Imam

Excerpt from Julia Gorin's Republican Riot Blog:

There’s been a recent break in the investigation of what led the shooter in Salt Lake City to kill. (KSL News) Federal agents have traced the handgun used by Trolley Square shooter Sulejman Talovic to its original owner and are now trying to figure out how it ended up with Talovic.…The Deseret Morning News also reports police are questioning witnesses again about what they saw or heard during the shootings.

So after a break in the case, the Feds have determined that they need to go back and re-interview people from the scene about what they saw or heard during the shooting. But what relevance do sounds at the scene of the crime have to a traced gun? How does the origin of the gun connect to “What did you see and hear at the scene?” Unless it has something to do with those recorded shouts of “Allahu Akbar” on a witness’s cellphone camera, which weren’t conclusive. And so the previously dismissed testimony of eyewitnesses who confirmed the inconclusive recording is now needed. For some reason. That we aren’t being told. But which has to do with the break in the investigation.

One of the only two papers covering developments in Utah and Bosnia since Talovic’s shooting spree last month, the Deseret Morning News interviewed Bosnia’s “most influential religious leader” Nezim Halilovic in his offices at the Islamic Center in Sarajevo last Monday. And he lies. A lot. The paper describes Halilovic as a distinguished-looking man of middle age, who was wearing a dark suit and a tie with a clip. His gray hair was offset by a short, dark beard. On his desk were a small, decoratively carved wooden chest; a jar of honey; a cup holding many pens; a tiny replica of a mosque; and several copies of the Quran… Read the Rest at: Republican Riot

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