Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Fort Dix: The Backlash that Wasn't

By Robert Spencer
May 14, 2007

In the wake of the Fort Dix jihad plot arrests, the mainstream media featured numerous news articles focusing on the fears of other Muslims in America. Philadelphia’s CBS3 reported: “Muslims in the region are bracing themselves for a possible backlash in response to the terror plot arrests.” There was no shortage of Muslim spokesmen available to confirm these fears. “What we’re all afraid of is a new backlash,” said Hesham Mahmoud of the New Jersey chapter of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. An official of the South Jersey Islamic Center, the spiritual home of several of the jihadist suspects, also expressed fears that they “are going to face a backlash.” A Muslim in New Jersey, Tajwar Roomi, expressed fear for her family: “My husband works for the state. My son, my daughter, they all work. I do get worried about them because some people are nice, [but] some people are not.” As far away as Iowa, the imam of Des Moines’ Islamic Center, Ibrahim Dremali, said: “Some are afraid backlash may be coming. People are becoming cautious again. I’ve told them they have to be careful.”

But none of the backlash reports included news of any actual backlash incidents, because four days after the arrests, there hadn’t been any. Richard Sparaco, the attorney for one of the accused jihad plotters, Serdar Tatar, came closest to actually reporting one. Sparaco said that the restaurant owned by Tatar’s father, Muslim Tatar, had suffered a sharp decline in business, and that someone kicked in his door and, according to New Jersey’s Star-Ledger, “shouted a racial slur.” Muslim Tatar, according to Sparaco, had also been threatened.

That was it, as far as backlash went. The contrast is stark: when cartoons of the Muslim prophet Muhammad appeared in a Danish newspaper, there were international riots, in which several innocent people were killed; when Pope Benedict XVI repeated a medieval emperor’s negative characterization of Muhammad, there were again riots and killings. When a mentally impaired Christian in Nigeria tore a copy of the Qur’an, rampaging Muslims burned ten churches to the ground. But when six Muslims in America were arrested for plotting to kill as many American soldiers as possible, there have been no killings. No mob action. No riots. No mosques have been torched, and no Muslims have been beaten or (with the possible lone exception of Muslim Tatar) harassed.

Of this Americans can justly be proud......excerpt, read the rest at Frontpage Magazine


SerbBlog.com said...
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SerbBlog.com said...

CAIR and other Kosovo-Albanian apologists have used this imaginary "backlash" potential as an excuse to do PR damage control while the US is trying to hustle "Kosovo Independence" through the UN Security Council.

Prior to the Fort Dix incident, the Kosovo Albanian PR has been that they are "secular Muslims", "pro-American Muslims", "peaceful Muslims" -- meanwhile the press looked away as these "peaceful Muslims" destroyed over 150 ancient Christian churches in Kosovo, ethnically cleansed all but 100,000 of its non-Albanian residents and are running the largest and most successful sex slavery and illegal drugs and weapons mafia in Europe. After all what richer financial source could policians like Lantos, Rohrbaker & Biden find as "campaign contributors" than the Kosovo Albanian mafia?

Fort Dix is blowback -- and it will only get worse for America and the West if Kosovo Independence succeeds. This al Qaeda backed movement will have succeeded in stealing Christian land that will only provide a launching pad for more attacks on Europe and the US. Why the US is backing suicidal policy is beyond me!