Friday, May 11, 2007

Jatras: US paying for dangerous policy on Kosmet

Radio Serbia

After the arrest of the group of Islamic extremists, including 4 Kosmet Albanians, in New Jersey, it is clear that the US starts paying a high price for dangerous policy of supporting Albanian separatism in Kosmet – pointed American expert James Jatras, a former analyst in the US Senate and the State Department. Jatras underlined that Washington must urgently change its shortsighted and destructive approach to Kosmet, where they persistently support Albanian extremism that is slowly turning into the weapon of Islamic radicalism. Pointing that Washington authorities live in illusion that the only solution for Kosmet is secession of the province from Serbia, Jatras warned that independence would mean giving power to leadership of the terrorist KLA that is deep in organized crime. Radical change of the Washington policy contributes to respect of the international law and stability in Europe, but also in the territory of the US itself – Jatras assessed.

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