Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bye-Bye Polt! You Picked a Perfect Time to Go!

From Byzantine Sacred Art Blog,-- Outgoing US Ambassador to Serbia and a man who is a complete embarrassment to America, utters his last address to the Serbian people right before Vidovdan. And his final question to Serbs was the best suggestion to ever come out of his mouth!

Polt’s Last Charade

The outgoing U.S. Ambassador to Serbia Michael Polt, King of Arrogance and Conceit, has managed to put a foot in his mouth once again, at his last public performance in Belgrade’s Fine Arts Center where the Soros-funded “Independent Journalists’ Association of Serbia” (NUNS) organized his speech.

In his memorable mudslinging style, Mr Serbs-Can’t-Wait-To-See-His-Back expressed his “disappointment for not being able to give a lecture at the Belgrade Faculty of Political Science,” explaining that he was “not allowed to speak there because the school was wary of a negative reaction from the Serbian Government if the speech was attended by journalists.”

Since the Serbs are already familiar with Polt’s fertile imagination, it came as no surprise when the faculty issued a statement revealing that Polt’s claims are entirely false. The fact of the matter is that the Faculty of Political Science invited Polt to give a lecture for students of specialized U.S. studies on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Marshall Plan. Polt accepted the invitation, but demanded to have media present during his lecture along with the students.

Taken aback by such request which shows that the university would be misused as the U.S. Ambassador’s personal soapbox for his political agenda, the faculty rejected Polt’s demand for media attending the event, stating that it was unusual to have media present at such seminars.

“The faculty did not in this or any other instance prevent the American Ambassador from saying what he thinks needs to be said. All we wanted to do was to make sure that no one politicized the lecture,” a statement from FPN said, adding that the faculty also told the American embassy that Polt would be able to address the media after the lecture.

PSYOPS Polt’s Way

So, having his soapbox moved over to a much more cherished audience consisting solely of media representatives, U.S. Ambassador wasted no time in cheerfully kicking the Marshall Plan to the curb — who gives a damn about that! Instead, Polt used all his formidable put-down skills to inform the Serbs one last time of their utter insignificance and futility of their struggle to preserve Kosovo province within Serbia.....................Read the Rest at Byzantine Sacred Art

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