Thursday, July 19, 2007

"Buying Kosovo": Kosovo Albanian Pacoli is paying 60 lobbyists in Washington for Kosovo Independence

Fokus daily, Banja Luka, Republika Srpska
June 29, 2007 20:03
by Z.S. - D.DJ.

Bexhet Pacoli, the richest Kosovo Albanian in the world from whose telephone, according to BND findings, a transaction in the amount of two million euros was arranged from a Swiss bank to one in Cyprus in the name of Kosovo special envoy Martti Ahtisaari, openly claims that he is paying 60 people just in Washington who are lobbying for the independence of Kosovo.

"In Washington I am paying a team of 60 people who are lobbying for Kosovo in the administration of president George Bush and in the U.S. Senate and Congress," said Pacoli in a recently published interview. He added that he is also good friends with former U.S. president Bill Clinton.

This billionaire came under media scrutiny eight years ago when he was suspected of having bribed Russian president Boris Yeltsin.

Current chief prosecutor of the Hague tribunal Carla del Ponte, then Swiss federal prosecutor, burst into the facilities of the Mabetex company in Lugano at the request of Russian federal prosecutor Yuri Skuratov.

Bexhet Pacoli, originally from the village of Marevac near Pristina, is the owner of the general contracting and engineering company Mabetex, which is based in Lugano, whose assets are estimated at between two and three billion dollars and which employs approximately six thousand people in 18 branches located throughout the world.

In terms of financial power Mabetex is among the 70 strongest companies in Switzerland, with representative offices in the USA, Austria, Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, China, Russia, the Ukraine, Moldava, Kazakhstan, Slovenia and elsewhere.

He has a daughter in Bosnia-Herzegovina who is also involved in project design and registered under the same name, Mabetex DOO, in Sarajevo.

His decision to make his economic empire work for political purposes is confirmed by the newly founded organization of Kosovo Albanians in the USA called the Alliance for a New Kosovo, which he finances directly, and the newly founded political party called New Kosovo Alliance, through which Pacoli hopes to see himself as the premier of an independent Kosovo.

The Alliance for a New Kosovo is headed by two lobbyists from the U.S. offices of Jefferson Waterman, former vice chairman of the National Intelligence Council Samuel Hoskinson and former deputy assistant secretary for East-West trade in the State Department Kempton Jenkins.

This lobbying group will also act through its advisory body, which includes former U.S. secretary of defense and deputy CIA director Frank Carlucci, who served as secretary of defense in the Reagan administration and the long-time president of the Carlyle Group, a powerful military-industrial corporation.

Among the senior advisors of Carlyle is former U.S. president George Bush, and until the September 11 attacks its executive board also included the Bin Laden family.

BND findings

Upon arriving in Kosovo, BND agents uncovered a clear and frequent relationship and communication between the leading figures of the Albanian mafia, their intermediaries and Martti Ahtisaari.

According to what the agents uncovered, several calls were made to the building of the special envoy for Kosovo, Martti Ahtisaari, from numbers known to belong to Albanian billionaire Bexhet Pacoli.

The content of the conversation from this number related to an unknown monetary transaction in the amount of two million euros from a Swiss bank in Basel, from account number 239700-93457- 00097, protected as an offshore sub-account under the code XS52-KOLER, which is owned by Exhet Boria, the right hand of the head of the Albanian mafia, to account number 3459346699004533, account code VOLANND, at the Bank of Cyprus.

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