Friday, July 27, 2007

Chicago Tribune: Hillary "Clinton unlikely to change course on intervention"

Steve Chapman
July 26, 2007

During the Democratic debate in South Carolina, I heard something I never expected to hear: Hillary Rodham Clinton coming out against U.S. military intervention.

At least I think she was coming out against U.S. military intervention. Asked whether U.S. troops should be sent to Darfur, the New York senator made a valiant effort to dodge the question by declaiming about sanctions, divestment and UN peacekeepers. But when pressed, "How about American troops on the ground?" she finally said, a bit awkwardly, "American ground troops I don't think belong in Darfur at this time."

But don't bet that she'll stick to that position if she's elected. It goes against type. Clinton favored intervention in Haiti in 1994. She favored intervention in Bosnia in 1995. She favored intervention in Kosovo in 1999. As first lady, Clinton said, "I am very pleased that this president and administration have made democracy one of the centerpieces of our foreign policy." Before the Kosovo war, she phoned Bill from Africa and, she recalled later, "I urged him to bomb.".....Chicago Tribune

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