Wednesday, July 04, 2007

If Kosovo Becomes Independent, Why Not RS Too?

If Kosovo becomes independence, it will be difficult to explain to Republika Srpska residents why Kosovo was able to become independent and RS was not.

If Kosovo gets its independence and then most people in Republika Srpska (RS) want some kind of independence or union with Serbia, it will be difficult to find a solution. This warning comes from Paul Beaver, English military and political analyst and special advisor at the British Parliament’s House of Commons, in Banja Luka newspaper Fokus. He has been monitoring the events in the Balkans for years.

- If RS got some kind of hard earned independence, the only sustainable solution for it is some kind of union with Serbia. I therefore believe that more attention must be paid to Republika Srpska in light of the resolution of the Kosovo issue – says Beaver.

He also mentioned terrorist training camps which, as he says, have existed in B-H for a long time.

- The terrorist training camps have existed for a while. They existed during the civil war, as a part of the Shiite campaign led by Iranians. I saw little bomb manufacturing plants in Bosnia in person. I saw those bombs being put inside children’s toys and I think that there is no reason for us not to believe the latest intelligence information from different intelligence agencies in the world.

Tatajana Ljubic& Ivona Baric for Javno

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