Friday, July 27, 2007

Interesting New Book:"33 Questions About American History You're Not Supposed to Ask"

In 33 Questions About American History You’re Not Supposed to Ask, Thomas E. Woods Jr., the New York Times bestselling author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History, sets the record straight with a provocative look at hidden truths about our nation’s history that have been buried because they’re too politically incorrect to discuss. Woods draws on real scholarship—as opposed to the myths, platitudes and slogans so many other “history” books are based on—to ask and answer tough questions about American history, including:

"Did Bill Clinton actually stop a genocide in Kosovo, as his sycophantic followers insist?"

Short Answer: "The real Clinton legacy in Kosovo: thousands of Serbian homes looted and vandalized, and 150 Christian churches and monasteries destroyed!"

SerbBlog says, "Wow! This author actually did tell the truth!"


TomW said...

Thanks for the mention. Another of the questions also deals with the Serbs. Question #5 is "What was the greatest unknown scandal of the Clinton presidency?" The answer is his foreign policy in the Balkans from 1993-1995. said...

And thanks for the post!

Someone mentioned to me that they had heard you on Michael Medved's radio show and said I had to check out your book. Glad that I did!

Unfortunately, Tom, President Bush doesn't seem to be doing much better on the issue -- in some ways, far worse. And most Americans are just too confused by the Balkans to take a definitive stand on the issue -- don't know how we can correct that in less than "four months" (the supposed window of "Kosovo's negotiations")

TomW said...

And when Bush got that huge reception in Albania -- the kind of reception he never gets anywhere -- that doubtless solidified his resolve.

And yes, that's why Clinton got away with so much mischief in the Balkans -- Americans don't know anything about it. On Kosovo, though, you'd think they might have minded being lied to. But nearly all the Democrats who condemn the Bush propaganda bought (and still buy) the Clinton propaganda.

Trivial as this sounds, what Americans need to see are a few YouTubes about before and after in Kosovo. said...

Agreed. Like this video of a Serbian Orthodox church being destroyed right in front of KFOR and UN forces and they do nothing to stop it:

But as a friend pointed out, the PSYOPS anti-Serb propaganda is starting up again. Two days ago, NPR started cranking out the "Albanians as victims" garbage again
The difference seems to be that, at least the posters if not all the listeners, are more discerning. said...

Sorry, that last link didn't come through correctly. NPR Leonard Lopate Show