Monday, July 23, 2007

Is Bush Ceku's hostage, or is Ceku Bush's?

By Boba Borojevic Ottawa , July 23, 2007
James Jatras on the crucial victory in the UN SC

The status of the UN-run Serbian province of Kosovo-Metohija, whose ethnic Albanians are demanding independence, is in the balance because Russia is threatening veto. Some western nations have been trying to push a draft resolution in the Security Council to implement key provisions of UN mediator Martti Ahtissari's plan to grant "supervised independence" to Albanians living in the Serbian province of Kosovo-Metohija.

Friday, they ran into opposition from Moscow, which had said it would use its power of veto and block the move. Faced with Russian and Belgrade’s opposition the United States and its European allies decided not to have vote on independence in the UN SC and said they would hand the issue back to a six-nation Contact Group. Meanwhile, Agim Cheku, Kosovo Albanian leader announced that he would proclaim Kosovo’s independence unilaterally on November 28.

The news is that Condoleezza Rice, the American Secretary of State, will ask the leaders of Kosovo not to do anything rash. European foreign ministers are also expected to discuss the crisis in the upcoming days. The international Contact Group, which includes the United States, Britain, France and Russia, will discuss what to do next on Wednesday.

James Jatras, director of the American Council for Kosovo, a lobby group based in Washington DC, believes that Washington does not have strong enough support of the European countries for this crucial move.

“If they were determined to try to impose the solution outside the Security Council,” Jatras said, “they would have gone forward with the vote knowing that the Russians would have vetoed it. They would use that as a pretext to say: ‘Now, you see we don’t have any other choice but to try some other way.’.........Serbianna

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