Friday, July 20, 2007

Kosovo: On the Best "National Interest" that Money Can Buy

by Prof. R. K. Kent
Global Research
June 30, 2007

Foreign press notes that the U.N. Secretary General has received a detailed report from the German Intelligence Service (BND). Ban Ki-moon had requested himself that a section of BND be posted to the U.N. Mission at Kosovo to unravel the web of complexities which envelop this province of Serbia. As is widely known the U.N.'s Special Envoy Martti Ahtisaari has proposed to sever Kosovo from Serbia, act which would create a newly independent state on the grounds of Albanian demographic preponderance.

If implemented, it would not only violate the U.N.'s own resolution to the contrary. It well could give a green light to similar candidates in Spain and France, in Great Britain (independent Scotland) as well as lead to a Mexican-American movement (seconded by Mexico and supported by the Union of Latin American States) demanding that California be severed from the United States and given the status of an independent and internationally recognized state. Why not independent Texas, not to add more candidates around the planet Earth? But, these projections are not of immediate concern, especially when contrasted with a sensational and detailed revelation. The assigned BND team, led by Brigadier Luke Neiman. discovered without much effort that Mr. Ahtisaari had frequent contacts with Albanian separatist leaders and had received large sums of money with the equivalent value of about 53 million dollars. The details are listed with teutonic precision.

Among them are recorded conversations about money transfers, specific bank accounts and codes in Switzerland and Cyprus, substantial supplies of heroin......Global Research

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