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WorldNet Daily: U.N. troops accused of abetting (Kosovo) genocide

American Council for Kosovo documents 8 years of ethnic cleansing against Serbs

WASHINGTON – United Nations forces moved into Kosovo in 1999 to "stop genocide."

But, according to a blistering new report from the American Council for Kosovo, U.N. troops have aided and abetted the deliberate, systematic and nearly complete ethnic cleansing of the mostly Christian Serb population by mostly Muslim ethnic Albanians.

"Every facet of the way of life of the Serbs of Kosovo is threatened by the new reality established since June 1999 under KFOR (the NATO Kosovo Force) and the U.N. and therefore the very existence of the Serbs there is threatened," says the report "Hiding Genocide in Kosovo."

"All kinds of persecution using all types of methods have been adopted," the report says. "Throughout the territory of Kosovo, the Serbs have been persecuted, a persecution that is happening on their own territory, in their own country. They are denied basic human rights and are not equal to their Muslim counterparts under the law. Even though the Serbs were the main targets, they were not the only ones. Consider the situation of the Croats who now number less than 500, or the Roma who have been banished to the edges of the Serb enclaves by persistent terrorization, or the Gorani, Slavic Muslims, who reside in the south west tip of Kosovo in the mountains and whose numbers dwindle every year."....Excerpt, Read the Rest at WorldNet

Great Read!: "Who Are We, Who Are Our Enemies - The Cost of Historical Amnesia"

Excerpt from this article in The Global Politician:
"As Efraim Karsh, author of the book Islamic Imperialism: A History points out, America is reviled in the Muslim world not because of its specific policies "but because, as the pre-eminent world power, it blocks the final realization of this same age-old dream of a universal Islamic empire (or umma)."

According to Hugh Fitzgerald, "One must keep in mind both the way in which some atrocities ascribed to Serbs were exaggerated, while the atrocities inflicted on them were minimized or ignored altogether. But what was most disturbing was that there was no context to anything: nothing about the centuries of Muslim rule.

Had such a history been discussed early on, Western governments might have understood and attempted to assuage the deep fears evoked by the Bosnian Muslim leader, Izetbegovic, when he wrote that he intended to create a Muslim state in Bosnia and impose the Sharia not merely there, but everywhere that Muslims had once ruled in the Balkans. Had the Western world shown the slightest intelligent sympathy or understanding of what that set off in the imagination of many Serbs (and elsewhere, among the Christians in the Balkans and in Greece), there might never have been such a violent Serbian reaction, and someone like [Slobodan] Milosevic might never have obtained power."

Read the rest here

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Unbridled Albanian Hubris

By MV Pejakovich

Focus news agency had several articles two days ago based on an interview with Faton Klinaku, Secretary from the Organization of the "Veterans of the Army for the Liberation of Kosovo. It was a rather fascinating and scary look into the real mindset of the KLA veterans. What Klinaku said collectively amounted to this:

1. Albanians consider wherever they live (or have ever lived) to automatically be "Albania" and the non-Albanian governments of wherever they live -- including the governments of the sovereign countries of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Greece -- to simply be "Occupiers". If Albanians live in a place in significant numbers, they consider it to be "theirs", independent of any international borders -- and they consider the non-Albanian governments of those countries to be "the enemy". (Doesn't exactly make you want to throw out the "welcome mat" for Albanians to come to your country, does it?)

2. If Kosovo is granted independence, then that automatically justifies "the right of self-determination" (and secession) for Albanians in Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Greece.

In other words, "Kosovo Independence" is just the beginning of a series of conquests in the "Greater Albania Project" and to grant Kosovo independence, is to encourage the conquest of the rest. (Right, now we are all supposed to think that this is a "good idea"?)

So much for the delusion that granting Kosovo independence will "bring peace and stability to the Balkans" -- Klinaku is telling us that it is a perfect formula for a new Balkan conflagration, involving not only Serbia, but also Montenegro, FYR Macedonia and even Greece -- plus Albania!

3. According to Klinaku, Albanians believe that they fought "a war of liberation" for Kosovo and part of Macedonia, and they won, so there is no need for them to compromise with Serbs or anyone else. Albanians were "the victors" so there is no need to consult anyone else re their "self-determination" or to "discuss anything in Vienna". The 1999 NATO Bombing of Yugoslavia appears to be perceived as irrelevant to Albanians, because Albanians did it all.

Given that the Albanians were militarily so successful, guess that this means that our guys at Camp Bondsteel never needed to be there and the 1999 "Albanian exodus" was just a photo op! Spent a lot of money on Bondsteel, but hey there's good news, "We can bring our troops home NOW, before the shooting starts again, because they are unnecessary! The Albanians have it handled!"

Well at least Bush got a parade (and his watch stolen) and Clinton got birthday parties and a statue as a shows of "gratitude", Cheney got richer on his Halliburton stock (until they got caught overcharging taxpayers), but what did the rest of us get -- except a taxpayer bill in the $$$$ billions and even more of "an Albanian headache" than we started with? (Hint: "NOTHING!")

4. When asked about the differentiation of "Albanians in Kosovo" and "Albanians from Albania", Kliniku answered:

"Identities different from that of the Albanian people were thought of by the Serbian occupiers during the rule of Tito. The attempts at imposing some other identity would fail because Albanians are only Albanians and cannot be anything else. Such discussions are initiated by our enemies - Serbs and other occupiers, who want to separate the Albanian people. We have one and the same language and culture and no matter that the establishment of an independent Kosovo is demanded now, we are part of the Albanian people."

Therefore, according to Klinaku, the term "Kosovar" is an artificial ethnic identity created by "his enemies", because "Albanians are only Albanians and cannot be anything else". Someone really needs to tell, not only the "enemies of Albanians", but also their friends and apologists, that the term, "Kosovar" is just a political fiction -- but then again, many of us knew that a long time ago!

5. Another Klinaku quote re the current Kosovo status negotiations:

"If the international community fails to recognize the right of the Albanian people for self-definition, and the status is defined on the basis of compromises, we would naturally resume the fight. We fought for the freedom of the Albanian people. Every other decision different from that would lead to violence for which both the politicians and the international community would be guilty. If the Albanian people are again denied their freedom we would have to start the fight again. This is clear for us because we fought for the people and we will fight for its again."

In other words, "if we have to make any compromises, there will be a war and it will be the international community's fault". Don't you love how this guy thinks? He has the logic of a six year-old psychopath, "Give us exactly what we want or we will start killing people, and YOU will have made us do it!"

The scariest thing is that Klinaku is the "chosen representative" of this Albanian veteran's group, not just some ordinary nutcase off the street. Hard as it may be to swallow, Klinaku IS speaking for the Albanian cause.

And Klinaku is not alone in this blind Albanian hubris. Commenting on the suggestion of a Dutch minister that perhaps "Kosovo might better be divided", Kosovo's war-criminal Prime Minister, Agim Ceku remarked, "If we start redrawing borders, who knows where it will stop?" And I am sure, in his arrogance, Ceku had no idea of the total irony of his statement, because arrogant people rarely catch the humor of their duplicitous behavior.

But, Mr. Ceku, we completely agree -- "If we start redrawing (Balkan) borders (to make Kosovo independent), who knows where it will stop?"

No place peaceful and decent, of that I am absolutely sure!

Independent Kosovo seen as threat to Israel

August 23, 2007

Most Israeli academics and military brass have expressed grave concerns that an independent Kosovo will be an eventual threat to Israel because of the province's rapid radicalization, says an American delegation that was recently on a visit to Israel where they met with a broad range of Israeli academics, military brass and top government officials.

"The academics and generals seemed the most gung-ho for making sure that Kosovo wasn't granted independence," says Julia Gorin, one of the American visitors to Israel.

The purpose of the trip that was organized by the American Council for Kosovo and the Lord Byron Foundation was to brief the government institutions, academia and Israeli media on the dangers of an independent Kosovo, highlighting the common dangers of radical Islamic terrorism to both Serbia and Israel that such an outcome will force.

Both sides were pleasantly surprised that they share the same view on the issue of Kosovo's independence.

"I found that there was very little nudging I had to do with the particular Jews we met," recalls Julia Gorin.

"They were quite well informed about the common history of the Serbs and the Jews and, more surprising, they had an inherent dismissiveness regarding the concocted crimes of the Serbs. That wasn't even a tripping block in our conversations," says Gorin. ....Serbianna

Washington Times: "Kosovo's Grim Future"

By David Binder
August 29, 2007

Forget about status negotiations for a moment. The near-term outlook for Kosovo is unalterably grim: An economy stuck in misery; a bursting population of young people with "criminality as the sole career choice;" an insupportably high birthrate; a society imbued with corruption and a state dominated by organized crime figures.

These are the conclusions of "Operationalizing of the Security Sector Reform in the Western Balkans," a 124-page investigation by the Institute for European Policy commissioned by the German Bundeswehr and issued in January. This month the text turned up on a Web log. It is labeled "solely for internal use." Provided one can plow through the appallingly dense Amtsdeutsch — "German officialese" — that is already evident in the ponderous title, a reader is rewarded with sharp insights about Kosovo.

The authors point out a "grotesque denial of reality by the international community" about Kosovo, coupling that with the warning of "a new wave of unrest that could greatly exceed the level of escalation seen up to now," The institute authors, Mathias Jopp and Sammi Sandawi, spent six months interviewing 70 experts and mining current literature on Kosovo in preparing the study.

In their analysis, political unrest and guerrilla fighting in the 1990s led to basic changes which they call a "turnabout in Kosovo-Albanian social structures." The result is a "civil war society in which those inclined to violence, ill-educated and easily influenced people could make huge social leaps in a rapidly constructed soldateska."

They continued: "It is a Mafia society" based on "capture of the state" by criminal elements. ("State capture" is a term coined in 2000 by a group of World Bank analysts to describe countries where government structures have been seized by corrupt financial oligarchies......... Washington Times

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

UN Forbids Serbian Orthodox Archbishop the Right to Tend to His Diocese!

Serbian Orthodox Archbishop Filaret, whose Mileseva diocese covers part of northern Montenegro and southwest Serbia, was stopped at the Montenegrin border and forbidden entry for the fourth time by Montenegrin authorities. Montenegrin authorities say that the UN Hague Tribunal has put Archbishop Filaret on "a list of 44 individuals alleged to be helping fugitives accused by UN's Hague-based war crimes tribunal for the former Yugoslavia." Archbishop Filaret says that he has no idea where Mladic and Karadzic are and has challenged the UN tribunal to prosecute him if it has proof he has abetted fugitive war crimes indictees -- or take him off of its list! They UN has done neither, and Montenegrin authorities are "just following orders" by denying their citizens the right to practice their religion and follow their Bishop.

So much for "the New Montenegro" showing the courage that their fore bearers had. They are acting more like UN lapdogs, and I sure that Njegos wouldn't spit on the better part of them for this!

Well at least Archbishop Filaret is showing them what "a real man" looks like; he's camped out on the Serbian/Montenegrin border and gone on a hunger strike "taking only water and medicine" until they restore his human rights.

It seems that Archbishop's Filaret's sole sin is that he is open about his belief that Karadzic and Mladic may have been only protecting their own against advancing militant Islam, although the Archbishop has stated that this is his private opinion and he was not coming to Montenegro "to give political speeches".

Right or wrong, people have a right to their beliefs, and the day that this prevents you from carrying out your job or denying you your right to think what you wish lest you be "put on a list" with no recourse, is also the day that we could all fear "a knock at the door"!

I am an American born and bred of full-blooded Montenegrin stock, and today is one of those days that make me feel embarrassed to feel linked in any way with this kind of cowardice by Montenegro, where mafia leaders languish in mansions, but Bishops are bullied because "the UN says so". All I can say to Montengro's men is, "Remember where you came from and grow a pair, boys! Quit acting like the UN's lapdog!"

Read more on the story at AKI

Greece is Not Alone, Fires in Serbia along Kosovo Border

Kuršumlija. Fire is raging along the administrative border between Serbia and Kosovo and has this morning rapidly spread north, the web editions B92 informs.

The blaze has extended to 150 hectares of the area belonging to the Kuršumlija municipality. The situation in the four villages that have been endangered the most for the past several days is not yet known.

“Areas on the Kosovo side of the administrative line have not caught fire,” Kosovo Police Service (KPS) spokesman Arber Beka told KIM radio.

According to him, KFOR troops are patrolling the area in the administrative zone and the situation is under control.

Branislav Prolović, head of the state forestry management company Srbijašume’s office in Kuršumlija, said earlier today that firefighters could not reach the administrative line until this morning, in a bid to put out the fire that has been ravaging the area for four days now.
Members of KFOR and the Kosovo Protection Corps (KZK) will provide security for the fire brigades.

Forestry engineer Svetislav Micović told B92 Sunday that Kuršumlija’s firefighters were denied access to the area since Albanians from a neighboring village belonging to the Podujevo municipality opened fire at them.

Our Prayers are With Our Greek Brothers & Sisters in this Horrible Time!

Greece is burning -- not just a few fires, but hundreds of fires set all over the country. Estimates are that fires are burning in nearly half of Greece. The American news media is pretty much ignoring the magnitude of devastation and destruction, for reasons that only they understand. Yesterday saw 87 new fires in Greece, alone. And then today, a magnitude 5.0 earthquake hit the fire-ravaged south of Greece, although no deaths or injuries (Thank God) have been reported.

It IS arson, about that,there is likely no question. But is it "political terrorism"? And if so, by whom? Those questions have yet to be satisfactorily answered, although a number of anonymous "suspects" appear to be in custody. I have a very hard time believing that "Greeks", of any political persuasion -- Right or Left-- would actually do this to their own country even though some politicians in the September election bid, have been quick to exploit the situation and point fingers. Whoever organized this horrific holocaust, may they be brought to justice swiftly. And may those "pointing fingers" turning into "working hands" helping those in need in this terrible time.

Our Prayers go out to our Greek Brothers & Sisters in this horrible time. May God Bless and Protect You!

Focus News: Kosovo Comments Lead to Walkout by Serbian FM

Bled. Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic walked out of an official dinner at Bled Srategic Forum last night in an apparent protest over a speech about the future status of Kosovo, Belgrade’s media reported Monday.

Jeremic left the dinner late Sunday attended by more than 100 guests of the Bled Strategic Forum in Slovenia after he was not allowed to reply to a speech by Martti Ahtisaari, the former UN special envoy for Kosovo, reports said.

B92 comments that according to the Slovenian State Agency (STA), despite having been informed otherwise, the Serbian minister was not allowed to give a response to the speech, and walked out of the dining hall.

Addressing the other participants, the envoy said that the failure to resolve the Kosovo question was threatening stability in the western Balkans and that it was high time that a solution was found.
He urged this to happen as soon as possible after December 10, when the Contact Group is due to announce the results of the additional talks between Belgrade and Priština.

SerbBlog : "Can't imagine why Jeremic would break bread with that corrupt piece of garbage, Ahtisaari, in the first place. At a minimum, Ahtisaari belongs in a courtroom defending himself against corruption charges, or more probably behind bars, than he belongs with heads of State, making speeches! Has he spent all that Albanian Mafia money already? Sign the petition and bring this corrupt blowhard to justice before he does any more damage!

Monday, August 27, 2007

AKI: Bosnian Serb leader threatens dissolution of country

Sarajevo, 27 August (AKI) – Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik has warned that Bosnia-Herzegovina could be dissolved if Muslim leaders do not stop attacking Serb entity Republika Srpska (RS) and demanding its abolition.

“RS must be respected and we will respect others as much as they respect us,” Dodik said on Monday.

The controversial RS prime minister said he wasn’t afraid of threats by the high representative of the international community in Bosnia, Miroslav Lajcak, to sanction him for his statements which allegedly undermine the country’s constitutional system and the Dayton peace accord.

"Bosnia-Herzegovina is a Dayton construction, based on an agreement which I respect, but whether it will last, or how long, doesn’t depend on me but on many others,” he said. “I don’t want to go to Sarajevo in a manner which would be humiliating for RS.

"If someone wants to talk to us, it must be based on partnership relations,” he added.

Under the Dayton peace accord, Bosnia was divided into two entities, RS and a Muslim Croat federation, but the international community which safeguards peace in Bosnia has stripped entities of most state powers for the sake of strengthening the central government.....Excerpt Read the Rest at AKI

Sunday, August 26, 2007

New Media Journal: "Clinton Lied and People DID Die"

The Fifth Column
Warner Todd Huston
, Senior Writer
August 21, 2007

How the Left lies to themselves as well as the rest of us.

Anyone who is politically aware in this country, anyone who has taken the time to keep up on the news, can't help but to have run across one of the left's favorite bromides; "Bush lied, People Died." Not quite as well known, but as an adjunct to this doggerel, the left has also indulged in a bit of backward Clinton praising with the phrase "No one died when Clinton lied." This, however, is a lie in and of itself, and it's a perfect example of how the left lies to themselves and everyone around them.

One word best describes how the claim that Clinton's lies never hurt anyone is a blatant untruth. That one word is Kosovo. As Thomas E. Woods, Jr. reveals, Kosovo is the best-kept secret of the worst most murderous failure of the Clinton Administration.

In his new book "33 Questions About American History You're Not Supposed to Ask," Woods reveals some of the lies and destruction that was Clinton's decision to enter the civil war between the Serbs, Croats and Albanians in 1999.

Clinton's decision to enter the conflict was based on the lie that he was valiantly trying to stop the "genocide" of the Muslim population in Kosovo. There is no doubt that there was a lot of killing going on in that corner of the world at the time and that it was all a bad situation. But, genocide? Hardly.

In fact, Clinton purposefully ignored the proof against any substantiation of genocide and he allowed his Administration to wildly inflate the numbers of Albanians killed by warring Serbs to justify his ginning up of his war machine. To make matters worse, the slavishly pro-Clinton media failed to bother to investigate the Clinton Administration's claims and merely reported Clinton's lies as fact..........

Excerpt - Read the Rest at .New Media Journal

Thursday, August 23, 2007

More Albanian Intimidation of Kosovo Serbs & No Rule of Law

Slogans against Serbs in Gnjilane

In Gnjilane, eastern Kosmet, writings in English saying “Death to All Serbs” and “I am proud to be an Albanian” were seen on Sunday on the wall of a primary school and at the gate of the Church of St Nicholas respectively, the KiM Radio announced according to Serbian TV. The TV underlined that the remaining Serbs were upset with the slogans.

Fires Set in Serbian villages around Prizren

In fires that over the last two days caught the region of Serbian village Novake in the municipality of Prizren, southern Kosmet, 16 hectares of the Serbian forests and meadows were burnt down, as well as the village graveyard and church, Branko Gligorijevic, a villager, confirmed to theTanjug. He stated that the first fire spread on Monday night from direction of village Musutiste, inhabited by Muslims and Albanians, and that 16 hectares of Serb-owned woods burnt down, as well as local graveyard and church. Gligorijevic said that firemen arrived late, but that KFOR sent three helicopters without which the whole village would be torched down. A new fire spread on Tuesday evening from direction of Albanian villages on the south, Gligorijevic said stating that firemen were late again. Obviously at issue is a human factor, this is a form of intimidation aimed at us, returnees, but we are determined to stay in the village, Gligorijevic underlined. There are 65 houses in village Novake, but after the Albanian violence in March 2004, only 25 households remain in the village. At the same time, in the village of Drajcici, where 34 Serbs live, a barn owned by the Jovanovic family, was burnt, a villager confirmed to the TANJUG, saying that the remaining Serbs were upset with this last fire.

UN asks for an independent investigation of the prison break in Kosmet

The UN asked today for an independent investigation into the incident at the Dubrava prison in Kosmet, after seven inmates, including those convicted for terrorism and murder, had managed to escape with the help of guards. UNMIK spokesperson Aleksandar Ivanko said that a comprehensive investigation was requested in order to determine the facts and prevent similar incidents. Reuters assessed that the escape of the inmates, two of which are on the US black list of those suspected of being terrorists, was a very unpleasant fact for UNMIK which has 1,300 police officers in Kosmet, as well as Kfor which has 16 thousand members of armed forces from NATO countries.

Nine Albanians arrested for helping fugitives

The KPS spokesperson Veton Eljsani stated that investigation on escape of the 7 prisoners from Dubrava near Istok, in western Kosmet, was assigned to an attorney general. Eljsani told the press conference in Pristina that so far 9 Albanians were arrested as suspected of assisting fugitives on the run. The five of the arrested individuals worked as guards in the prison, while the remaining 4 were in the vicinity of the prison and it is suspected that by shooting from weapons, they enable the escape, Eljsani said. According to him, none of the prisoners that escaped from the Dubrava prison on August 18, was arrested. Fugitives were headed by Faton Hajrizi, suspected of murdering a Russian soldier from KFOR in 2000. Since 2000, he managed to escape from the same prison in Dubrava three times. Among the fugitives is also Ljirim Jakupi, one of the closest associates of Sefcet Musliju, former Commander of the so-called Liberation Army of Presevo, Medvedja and Bujanovac.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

B92: Serbian Couple Kidnapped & Girl Raped in Gracanica

GRAČANICA -- Three unidentified persons kidnapped and raped a Serb girl in Gračanica Monday evening, Tanjug reported.

Another Serb, who was with her, was severely beaten and robbed, Kosovo Police Service (KPS) representatives told the agency Tuesday.

KPS regional spokesman Agron Borovci said the incident occurred in Gračanica at around 9 p.m. yesterday, and that police were in active search of the perpetrators.

“An Opel Vectra automobile blocked the road ahead of the victims and then three persons dragged the young man out of his vehicle, beat him up and closed him in the trunk, from where he was released after the girl had been raped,” Borovci specified, speaking on the basis of the testimonies of the two victims.

The BMW in which the boy and girl had been driving was then stolen, as well as their personal belongings, Borovci said, and the two of them were released near Ajvalija.

Beta reported the village in question was Albanian, as well as that the victims then walked to a hospital in Gračanica to get help.

According to an announcement by the Gračanica Press Center, the victims of this attack are Srećko Đurović of Gračanica and Irena Kešelj of Mladenovac, in Serbia proper.

Đurović and Kešelj received treatment last night at the Simonida Hospital in Gračanica, where the staff reported the incident to the police.

The incident occurred near the newly-built kindergarten in Gračanica, where another Serb boy and girl were kidnapped in the same way five months ago, and subsequently released, Tanjug reported.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Washington Times: "Negotiating for Peace in Kosovo"

Congressman Dan Burton
August 20, 2007

In coming weeks, an international confrontation is likely to occur among the United States, the European Union, and Russia over an issue most Americans have long since forgotten: Kosovo, where a few hundred Americans remain deployed as part of a NATO force protecting a shaky interim peace that ended the 1999 U.S.-led intervention.

For most Americans this obscure Serbian province, with its mainly Albanian Muslim population and its hundreds of Serbian Christian churches and monasteries, may be a little-remembered footnote to the breakup of Yugoslavia. However, now is the time for clear thinking about next steps if Kosovo is to avoid revisiting its history as a hotbed of regional instability and violence.

The international mission in Kosovo for the last eight years has not met its original goals regarding establishment of an open, multiethnic and multireligious society. True, there has been no return to large-scale fighting. But remaining Christian Serbs are confined to NATO-protected enclaves for fear of endemic Muslim Albanian violence. A quarter of a million expellees — some two-thirds of the Serbs, Roma, Croats, and all the Jews — still cannot return safely to their homes. More than 150 Christian holy sites have been burned, blown up or desecrated. Organized crime is rampant, with allegations of corruption reaching into the upper levels of the U.N.-supervised local administration and unemployment outside these criminal elements remains more than 50 percent.

Even Albanian officials have expressed concern at the growth of radical Wahhabist influence, and the reality of a dangerously segregated society, as hundreds of Saudi-financed mosques have sprung up to replace the destroyed churches.

Although the situation on the ground in Kosovo has been a case study in U.N. mismanagement, there is no question of Kosovo's legal status as part of Serbia. U.N. Security Council Resolution 1244, which ended the 1999 war, reaffirmed Serbia's territorial integrity and sovereignty while calling for substantial autonomy and self-government for Kosovo within Serbia.

But against this clear standard for Kosovo's future, the U.S. State Department has insisted the only possible solution for Kosovo is not autonomy, but independence — even though Serbia refuses to give up 15 percent of its territory. Even worse, during his recent trip to Albania, President Bush suggested that if a Russian veto blocks any new Security Council Resolution to separate Kosovo from Serbia, the U.S. might take the lead in recognizing a unilateral declaration of Kosovo independence with no legitimate claim of authority at all. Within Europe itself there are growing misgivings and decisions about this course.

This is a terrible idea. To start with, our policy is in contravention of international laws and will create a dangerous precedent. Also, there is no reason to suppose an independent Kosovo would be a viable state, either economically or politically. Terrorist and organized crime influences, already rampant in Kosovo, would be granted a consolidated haven for their operations. Independence would likely be followed by renewed anti-Serb attacks, at least against the smaller enclaves, if not against Northern Mitrovica, where most of the remaining Serbs enjoy relative security. Unrest in neighboring Albanian-dominated areas of southern Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia, even Greece, could be reignited.

Perhaps most damaging, an imposed separation of Kosovo from Serbia would send a message to other trouble-spots, not just in the Balkans, that state borders are up for grabs........Washington Times

Friday, August 10, 2007

Leon Kojen, "Serbia must choose Kosovo over EU"

NOVI SAD -- Leon Kojen believes that Serbia “has no place among those who actively support dismemberment of its territory”.

The former Kosovo team coordinator says that in case the authorities in Priština decide to declare the province’s independence unilaterally, and achieve recognition by some EU countries, Serbia must halt all EU integration processes.

“Just as any other Serbian citizen, the government and parliament must respect the constitution and do all to make sure its provisions are implemented. That means that the parliament would have to decide to stop EU integrations for the unforeseeable future,” Kojen told Novi Sad daily Dnevnik.

He said this would constitute for a “minimal answer” on the part of Serbia, and added the country “certainly has no place among those who actively support dismemberment of its territory”.

“The only way in which the EU integration and Kosovo status can be viewed as two separate processes is if Brussels sends out an unequivocal message that independence is out of the question,” Kojen believes.

“The Europeans will have to make a final choice fairly quickly: whether to, along with Serbia, seek a compromise solution for Kosovo, or to, as they have done so far, support the Albanian desire for independence,” Kojen told the newspaper.

(Leon Kojen is an adviser to Serbia's president and is former Serbian negotiator for Kosovo. Kojen is also a member of Serbia's Jewish community.)

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

FrontPageMagazine: "The Farce of our Kosovo Mission"

By Julia Gorin

After my article exposing the farce of our Kosovo mission ran in American Legion Magazine last month, I heard from a soldier in Kosovo who was incredulous that someone was actually and finally talking about the region. I proceeded to publish two letters from him in this space, about his experiences and observations there, some of which confirm the free run that jihadists have in Kosovo, the fact that Albanians are being radicalized, and the notion that we should not have intervened in Kosovo as we did. Only there since November, the National Guard soldier stopped short of confirming the ethnic cleansing and slow genocide of Kosovo’s Christians that I’ve described in my articles.

Unfortunately for the deniers, the facts are also now chronicled in a book by a UN worker, entitled Hiding Genocide in Kosovo—a Crime Against God and Humanity.

But a National Guard soldier named Nicki Fellenzer, who runs a blog and also read the Legion article, found the piece to be at odds with her experiences in Kosovo. She (along with fellow military blogger Brad Staggs), wrote that my commentary was “filled with wild accusations, inaccuracies, distortions and downright lies that serve only to hurt our peacekeeping mission in Kosovo and shed a negative light on the Soldiers who are carrying out said mission…We're disappointed in [Julia Gorin]...for holding [her] agenda as more important than the troops who are sworn to protect [her] freedom to promote it.”........FrontPage Magazine

Monday, August 06, 2007

In Memory of The Serbian Victims of Operation Storm

Belgrade, Aug 4, 2007 – A memorial service was held today at St Mark’s Church in Belgrade for victims of the Operation Storm, which took place in 1995 in Croatia when over 2,500 Serbs were killed and over 250,000 people of Serbian nationality banished.

The service was held by Metropolitan of Montenegro Amfilohije and bishops Atanasije and Nikanor. Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica, Minister of Religion Radomir Naumov, Minister of Infrastructure Velimir Ilic and Commissioner for Refuges Dragisa Dabetic attended the service.

Metropolitan Amfilohije said in his oration that a train of refugees who sought shelter in Serbia 12 years ago is no different or less horrifying than trains of Serbs who were taken to Jadovno and Jasenovac in World War II and there executed.

The ordeal of Serbian people on the territory of Croatia still continues, said the Metropolitan and invited all exiled Serbs to return to their hearths where there ancestors had lived for centuries.

Following the memorial service, over 1,000 people set off for Nikola Pasic Square where a gathering will be held in memory of victims of Operation Storm.

A vigil was also held in front of the Croatian Embassy in Washington, DC for the victims of Operation Storm.

And in a recent article on CBC News, Canadian military officers complained that the Croat atrocities of Operation Storm are being ignored, forgotten, and are not being prosecuted.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

e-Flux: Media: Serbian-American Charles Simic the U.S. Poet Laureate

The Yugoslav-born poet Charles Simic has been announced by the Library of Congress to be the new United States’ poet laureate. This way the present co-Poetry Editor of “The Paris Review” will become the 15th Poet Laureate of the United States. He will replace Donald Hall in the Poet Laureate program that promotes poetry across the nation.

Charles Simic was born in 1938 in Belgrade and he emigrated along with his family in the United States in 1953. He learned English and he later graduated from the same high school that Ernest Hemingway had attended, Oak Park High School. This was also the place where Simic started to write poetry.

Although he had not been a native English speaker Charles Simic managed to make himself famous for his literary style in short time. In the mid 70s Simic was already known for writing imagistic poems similar to those written by famous William Blake. His first collection was published in 1967, being titled “What the Grass Says”.

But Simic did not stop to poetry or literature and he has become famous also as a translator and essayist; he has written also on different topics such as art, literature and American poetry, philosophy or music. For 34 years Charles Simic was also a teacher at the University of New Hampshire and he was named Professor Emeritus of creative writing and literature.

In 1990 Simic won the Pulitzer Prize in poetry for his book of prose poems “The World Doesn’t End”. However, this is just one important prize among others for Simic, as he also won the Edgar Poe Award, the PEN Translation Prize and many other awards and prizes. Just after he was announced to be name U.S. next Poet Laureate Simi has received another honor: the 14th annual Wallace Stevens Award from the Academy of American Poets.

Simic has stated that he is “overwhelmed” by the Library of Congress’ selecting him to be the 15th Poet Laureate of the United States.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

ByzantineSacredArt: UN Ethics Office Now Officially Informed

Ahtisaari Bribery Allegations: UN Ethics Office Now Officially Informed

Letter sent by American Council for Kosovo Director James Jatras on July 31, 2007, to Mr. Robert F. Benson, Esq., Director of Ethics Office at United Nations Headquarters, First Avenue at 46th Street, New York, NY 10017

July 10, 2007

Dear Mr. Benson:

I am writing to you with regard to my letter to the Secretary General of July 24, 2007, with the referenced GIS/D&FA Special Analysis, concerning a matter directly within the area of responsibility of the Ethics Office. The contents of the referenced letter and the attached analysis are self-explanatory.

Given the Secretary General’s emphasis on anti-corruption and ethical standards at the United Nations, and your own extensive experience in this field, I am confident you and your office are giving this matter the serious attention it deserves. Especially in light of the severity of the allegations against Mr. Ahtisaari, it is clear that even information from an anonymous whistleblower would trigger a transparent and in-depth inquiry, and these allegations certainly are based on more than that. If you wish, I can put you in direct contact with the head of the GIS/D&FA organization which issued the special analysis.

I respectfully request that you confirm, as a matter of public record, the actions that are being taken by the Ethics Office to look into this affair. I look forward to your earliest reply and can be reached directly at my office at 202.626.6248 or by e-mail at; I will plan to check with your office by telephone in the very near future.

James George Jatras
Director, American Council for Kosovo

Attached references:
(1) J.G. Jatras/Ban Ki-moon letter, July 24, 2007;
(2) Global Information System/Defense & Foreign Affairs Special AnalysisEvidence That UN Special Envoy for Kosovo Martti Ahtisaari Received Albanian Mafia Bribes for Kosovo Independence,”
Blood Money

How Can You Help

In addition to signing the petition requesting full and transparent UN investigation into the allegations of former UN Special Envoy for Kosovo Martti Ahtisaari being bribed by Albanian Mafia to rig the Kosovo province negotiations and propose severing of the southern Serbian province to the UN Security Council, you can also help by writing to the UN Ethics Office Director, Mr. Robert Benson, at