Tuesday, August 21, 2007

B92: Serbian Couple Kidnapped & Girl Raped in Gracanica

GRAČANICA -- Three unidentified persons kidnapped and raped a Serb girl in Gračanica Monday evening, Tanjug reported.

Another Serb, who was with her, was severely beaten and robbed, Kosovo Police Service (KPS) representatives told the agency Tuesday.

KPS regional spokesman Agron Borovci said the incident occurred in Gračanica at around 9 p.m. yesterday, and that police were in active search of the perpetrators.

“An Opel Vectra automobile blocked the road ahead of the victims and then three persons dragged the young man out of his vehicle, beat him up and closed him in the trunk, from where he was released after the girl had been raped,” Borovci specified, speaking on the basis of the testimonies of the two victims.

The BMW in which the boy and girl had been driving was then stolen, as well as their personal belongings, Borovci said, and the two of them were released near Ajvalija.

Beta reported the village in question was Albanian, as well as that the victims then walked to a hospital in Gračanica to get help.

According to an announcement by the Gračanica Press Center, the victims of this attack are Srećko Đurović of Gračanica and Irena Kešelj of Mladenovac, in Serbia proper.

Đurović and Kešelj received treatment last night at the Simonida Hospital in Gračanica, where the staff reported the incident to the police.

The incident occurred near the newly-built kindergarten in Gračanica, where another Serb boy and girl were kidnapped in the same way five months ago, and subsequently released, Tanjug reported.

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