Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Focus News: Kosovo Comments Lead to Walkout by Serbian FM

Bled. Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic walked out of an official dinner at Bled Srategic Forum last night in an apparent protest over a speech about the future status of Kosovo, Belgrade’s media reported Monday.

Jeremic left the dinner late Sunday attended by more than 100 guests of the Bled Strategic Forum in Slovenia after he was not allowed to reply to a speech by Martti Ahtisaari, the former UN special envoy for Kosovo, reports said.

B92 comments that according to the Slovenian State Agency (STA), despite having been informed otherwise, the Serbian minister was not allowed to give a response to the speech, and walked out of the dining hall.

Addressing the other participants, the envoy said that the failure to resolve the Kosovo question was threatening stability in the western Balkans and that it was high time that a solution was found.
He urged this to happen as soon as possible after December 10, when the Contact Group is due to announce the results of the additional talks between Belgrade and Priština.

SerbBlog : "Can't imagine why Jeremic would break bread with that corrupt piece of garbage, Ahtisaari, in the first place. At a minimum, Ahtisaari belongs in a courtroom defending himself against corruption charges, or more probably behind bars, than he belongs with heads of State, making speeches! Has he spent all that Albanian Mafia money already? Sign the petition and bring this corrupt blowhard to justice before he does any more damage!

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