Tuesday, August 07, 2007

FrontPageMagazine: "The Farce of our Kosovo Mission"

By Julia Gorin

After my article exposing the farce of our Kosovo mission ran in American Legion Magazine last month, I heard from a soldier in Kosovo who was incredulous that someone was actually and finally talking about the region. I proceeded to publish two letters from him in this space, about his experiences and observations there, some of which confirm the free run that jihadists have in Kosovo, the fact that Albanians are being radicalized, and the notion that we should not have intervened in Kosovo as we did. Only there since November, the National Guard soldier stopped short of confirming the ethnic cleansing and slow genocide of Kosovo’s Christians that I’ve described in my articles.

Unfortunately for the deniers, the facts are also now chronicled in a book by a UN worker, entitled Hiding Genocide in Kosovo—a Crime Against God and Humanity.

But a National Guard soldier named Nicki Fellenzer, who runs a blog and also read the Legion article, found the piece to be at odds with her experiences in Kosovo. She (along with fellow military blogger Brad Staggs), wrote that my commentary was “filled with wild accusations, inaccuracies, distortions and downright lies that serve only to hurt our peacekeeping mission in Kosovo and shed a negative light on the Soldiers who are carrying out said mission…We're disappointed in [Julia Gorin]...for holding [her] agenda as more important than the troops who are sworn to protect [her] freedom to promote it.”........FrontPage Magazine

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