Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Greece is Not Alone, Fires in Serbia along Kosovo Border

Kuršumlija. Fire is raging along the administrative border between Serbia and Kosovo and has this morning rapidly spread north, the web editions B92 informs.

The blaze has extended to 150 hectares of the area belonging to the Kuršumlija municipality. The situation in the four villages that have been endangered the most for the past several days is not yet known.

“Areas on the Kosovo side of the administrative line have not caught fire,” Kosovo Police Service (KPS) spokesman Arber Beka told KIM radio.

According to him, KFOR troops are patrolling the area in the administrative zone and the situation is under control.

Branislav Prolović, head of the state forestry management company Srbijašume’s office in Kuršumlija, said earlier today that firefighters could not reach the administrative line until this morning, in a bid to put out the fire that has been ravaging the area for four days now.
Members of KFOR and the Kosovo Protection Corps (KZK) will provide security for the fire brigades.

Forestry engineer Svetislav Micović told B92 Sunday that Kuršumlija’s firefighters were denied access to the area since Albanians from a neighboring village belonging to the Podujevo municipality opened fire at them.

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