Monday, August 06, 2007

In Memory of The Serbian Victims of Operation Storm

Belgrade, Aug 4, 2007 – A memorial service was held today at St Mark’s Church in Belgrade for victims of the Operation Storm, which took place in 1995 in Croatia when over 2,500 Serbs were killed and over 250,000 people of Serbian nationality banished.

The service was held by Metropolitan of Montenegro Amfilohije and bishops Atanasije and Nikanor. Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica, Minister of Religion Radomir Naumov, Minister of Infrastructure Velimir Ilic and Commissioner for Refuges Dragisa Dabetic attended the service.

Metropolitan Amfilohije said in his oration that a train of refugees who sought shelter in Serbia 12 years ago is no different or less horrifying than trains of Serbs who were taken to Jadovno and Jasenovac in World War II and there executed.

The ordeal of Serbian people on the territory of Croatia still continues, said the Metropolitan and invited all exiled Serbs to return to their hearths where there ancestors had lived for centuries.

Following the memorial service, over 1,000 people set off for Nikola Pasic Square where a gathering will be held in memory of victims of Operation Storm.

A vigil was also held in front of the Croatian Embassy in Washington, DC for the victims of Operation Storm.

And in a recent article on CBC News, Canadian military officers complained that the Croat atrocities of Operation Storm are being ignored, forgotten, and are not being prosecuted.

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