Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Independent Kosovo seen as threat to Israel

August 23, 2007

Most Israeli academics and military brass have expressed grave concerns that an independent Kosovo will be an eventual threat to Israel because of the province's rapid radicalization, says an American delegation that was recently on a visit to Israel where they met with a broad range of Israeli academics, military brass and top government officials.

"The academics and generals seemed the most gung-ho for making sure that Kosovo wasn't granted independence," says Julia Gorin, one of the American visitors to Israel.

The purpose of the trip that was organized by the American Council for Kosovo and the Lord Byron Foundation was to brief the government institutions, academia and Israeli media on the dangers of an independent Kosovo, highlighting the common dangers of radical Islamic terrorism to both Serbia and Israel that such an outcome will force.

Both sides were pleasantly surprised that they share the same view on the issue of Kosovo's independence.

"I found that there was very little nudging I had to do with the particular Jews we met," recalls Julia Gorin.

"They were quite well informed about the common history of the Serbs and the Jews and, more surprising, they had an inherent dismissiveness regarding the concocted crimes of the Serbs. That wasn't even a tripping block in our conversations," says Gorin. ....Serbianna

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