Friday, August 10, 2007

Leon Kojen, "Serbia must choose Kosovo over EU"

NOVI SAD -- Leon Kojen believes that Serbia “has no place among those who actively support dismemberment of its territory”.

The former Kosovo team coordinator says that in case the authorities in Priština decide to declare the province’s independence unilaterally, and achieve recognition by some EU countries, Serbia must halt all EU integration processes.

“Just as any other Serbian citizen, the government and parliament must respect the constitution and do all to make sure its provisions are implemented. That means that the parliament would have to decide to stop EU integrations for the unforeseeable future,” Kojen told Novi Sad daily Dnevnik.

He said this would constitute for a “minimal answer” on the part of Serbia, and added the country “certainly has no place among those who actively support dismemberment of its territory”.

“The only way in which the EU integration and Kosovo status can be viewed as two separate processes is if Brussels sends out an unequivocal message that independence is out of the question,” Kojen believes.

“The Europeans will have to make a final choice fairly quickly: whether to, along with Serbia, seek a compromise solution for Kosovo, or to, as they have done so far, support the Albanian desire for independence,” Kojen told the newspaper.

(Leon Kojen is an adviser to Serbia's president and is former Serbian negotiator for Kosovo. Kojen is also a member of Serbia's Jewish community.)

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Zlatan Vrabac said...

Leon Kojen is right. Serbs in Serbia (and around the world) should stop this delusion that we will become human beings in the eyes of the world if we give up Kosovo. If we give up Kosovo then there will be nothing to stop NATO/UNPROFOR or any other international organization that is controlled by the U.S.A or E.U from taking other provinces from Serbia.