Thursday, August 23, 2007

More Albanian Intimidation of Kosovo Serbs & No Rule of Law

Slogans against Serbs in Gnjilane

In Gnjilane, eastern Kosmet, writings in English saying “Death to All Serbs” and “I am proud to be an Albanian” were seen on Sunday on the wall of a primary school and at the gate of the Church of St Nicholas respectively, the KiM Radio announced according to Serbian TV. The TV underlined that the remaining Serbs were upset with the slogans.

Fires Set in Serbian villages around Prizren

In fires that over the last two days caught the region of Serbian village Novake in the municipality of Prizren, southern Kosmet, 16 hectares of the Serbian forests and meadows were burnt down, as well as the village graveyard and church, Branko Gligorijevic, a villager, confirmed to theTanjug. He stated that the first fire spread on Monday night from direction of village Musutiste, inhabited by Muslims and Albanians, and that 16 hectares of Serb-owned woods burnt down, as well as local graveyard and church. Gligorijevic said that firemen arrived late, but that KFOR sent three helicopters without which the whole village would be torched down. A new fire spread on Tuesday evening from direction of Albanian villages on the south, Gligorijevic said stating that firemen were late again. Obviously at issue is a human factor, this is a form of intimidation aimed at us, returnees, but we are determined to stay in the village, Gligorijevic underlined. There are 65 houses in village Novake, but after the Albanian violence in March 2004, only 25 households remain in the village. At the same time, in the village of Drajcici, where 34 Serbs live, a barn owned by the Jovanovic family, was burnt, a villager confirmed to the TANJUG, saying that the remaining Serbs were upset with this last fire.

UN asks for an independent investigation of the prison break in Kosmet

The UN asked today for an independent investigation into the incident at the Dubrava prison in Kosmet, after seven inmates, including those convicted for terrorism and murder, had managed to escape with the help of guards. UNMIK spokesperson Aleksandar Ivanko said that a comprehensive investigation was requested in order to determine the facts and prevent similar incidents. Reuters assessed that the escape of the inmates, two of which are on the US black list of those suspected of being terrorists, was a very unpleasant fact for UNMIK which has 1,300 police officers in Kosmet, as well as Kfor which has 16 thousand members of armed forces from NATO countries.

Nine Albanians arrested for helping fugitives

The KPS spokesperson Veton Eljsani stated that investigation on escape of the 7 prisoners from Dubrava near Istok, in western Kosmet, was assigned to an attorney general. Eljsani told the press conference in Pristina that so far 9 Albanians were arrested as suspected of assisting fugitives on the run. The five of the arrested individuals worked as guards in the prison, while the remaining 4 were in the vicinity of the prison and it is suspected that by shooting from weapons, they enable the escape, Eljsani said. According to him, none of the prisoners that escaped from the Dubrava prison on August 18, was arrested. Fugitives were headed by Faton Hajrizi, suspected of murdering a Russian soldier from KFOR in 2000. Since 2000, he managed to escape from the same prison in Dubrava three times. Among the fugitives is also Ljirim Jakupi, one of the closest associates of Sefcet Musliju, former Commander of the so-called Liberation Army of Presevo, Medvedja and Bujanovac.

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