Tuesday, August 28, 2007

UN Forbids Serbian Orthodox Archbishop the Right to Tend to His Diocese!

Serbian Orthodox Archbishop Filaret, whose Mileseva diocese covers part of northern Montenegro and southwest Serbia, was stopped at the Montenegrin border and forbidden entry for the fourth time by Montenegrin authorities. Montenegrin authorities say that the UN Hague Tribunal has put Archbishop Filaret on "a list of 44 individuals alleged to be helping fugitives accused by UN's Hague-based war crimes tribunal for the former Yugoslavia." Archbishop Filaret says that he has no idea where Mladic and Karadzic are and has challenged the UN tribunal to prosecute him if it has proof he has abetted fugitive war crimes indictees -- or take him off of its list! They UN has done neither, and Montenegrin authorities are "just following orders" by denying their citizens the right to practice their religion and follow their Bishop.

So much for "the New Montenegro" showing the courage that their fore bearers had. They are acting more like UN lapdogs, and I sure that Njegos wouldn't spit on the better part of them for this!

Well at least Archbishop Filaret is showing them what "a real man" looks like; he's camped out on the Serbian/Montenegrin border and gone on a hunger strike "taking only water and medicine" until they restore his human rights.

It seems that Archbishop's Filaret's sole sin is that he is open about his belief that Karadzic and Mladic may have been only protecting their own against advancing militant Islam, although the Archbishop has stated that this is his private opinion and he was not coming to Montenegro "to give political speeches".

Right or wrong, people have a right to their beliefs, and the day that this prevents you from carrying out your job or denying you your right to think what you wish lest you be "put on a list" with no recourse, is also the day that we could all fear "a knock at the door"!

I am an American born and bred of full-blooded Montenegrin stock, and today is one of those days that make me feel embarrassed to feel linked in any way with this kind of cowardice by Montenegro, where mafia leaders languish in mansions, but Bishops are bullied because "the UN says so". All I can say to Montengro's men is, "Remember where you came from and grow a pair, boys! Quit acting like the UN's lapdog!"

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