Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Unbridled Albanian Hubris

By MV Pejakovich

Focus news agency had several articles two days ago based on an interview with Faton Klinaku, Secretary from the Organization of the "Veterans of the Army for the Liberation of Kosovo. It was a rather fascinating and scary look into the real mindset of the KLA veterans. What Klinaku said collectively amounted to this:

1. Albanians consider wherever they live (or have ever lived) to automatically be "Albania" and the non-Albanian governments of wherever they live -- including the governments of the sovereign countries of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Greece -- to simply be "Occupiers". If Albanians live in a place in significant numbers, they consider it to be "theirs", independent of any international borders -- and they consider the non-Albanian governments of those countries to be "the enemy". (Doesn't exactly make you want to throw out the "welcome mat" for Albanians to come to your country, does it?)

2. If Kosovo is granted independence, then that automatically justifies "the right of self-determination" (and secession) for Albanians in Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Greece.

In other words, "Kosovo Independence" is just the beginning of a series of conquests in the "Greater Albania Project" and to grant Kosovo independence, is to encourage the conquest of the rest. (Right, now we are all supposed to think that this is a "good idea"?)

So much for the delusion that granting Kosovo independence will "bring peace and stability to the Balkans" -- Klinaku is telling us that it is a perfect formula for a new Balkan conflagration, involving not only Serbia, but also Montenegro, FYR Macedonia and even Greece -- plus Albania!

3. According to Klinaku, Albanians believe that they fought "a war of liberation" for Kosovo and part of Macedonia, and they won, so there is no need for them to compromise with Serbs or anyone else. Albanians were "the victors" so there is no need to consult anyone else re their "self-determination" or to "discuss anything in Vienna". The 1999 NATO Bombing of Yugoslavia appears to be perceived as irrelevant to Albanians, because Albanians did it all.

Given that the Albanians were militarily so successful, guess that this means that our guys at Camp Bondsteel never needed to be there and the 1999 "Albanian exodus" was just a photo op! Spent a lot of money on Bondsteel, but hey there's good news, "We can bring our troops home NOW, before the shooting starts again, because they are unnecessary! The Albanians have it handled!"

Well at least Bush got a parade (and his watch stolen) and Clinton got birthday parties and a statue as a shows of "gratitude", Cheney got richer on his Halliburton stock (until they got caught overcharging taxpayers), but what did the rest of us get -- except a taxpayer bill in the $$$$ billions and even more of "an Albanian headache" than we started with? (Hint: "NOTHING!")

4. When asked about the differentiation of "Albanians in Kosovo" and "Albanians from Albania", Kliniku answered:

"Identities different from that of the Albanian people were thought of by the Serbian occupiers during the rule of Tito. The attempts at imposing some other identity would fail because Albanians are only Albanians and cannot be anything else. Such discussions are initiated by our enemies - Serbs and other occupiers, who want to separate the Albanian people. We have one and the same language and culture and no matter that the establishment of an independent Kosovo is demanded now, we are part of the Albanian people."

Therefore, according to Klinaku, the term "Kosovar" is an artificial ethnic identity created by "his enemies", because "Albanians are only Albanians and cannot be anything else". Someone really needs to tell, not only the "enemies of Albanians", but also their friends and apologists, that the term, "Kosovar" is just a political fiction -- but then again, many of us knew that a long time ago!

5. Another Klinaku quote re the current Kosovo status negotiations:

"If the international community fails to recognize the right of the Albanian people for self-definition, and the status is defined on the basis of compromises, we would naturally resume the fight. We fought for the freedom of the Albanian people. Every other decision different from that would lead to violence for which both the politicians and the international community would be guilty. If the Albanian people are again denied their freedom we would have to start the fight again. This is clear for us because we fought for the people and we will fight for its again."

In other words, "if we have to make any compromises, there will be a war and it will be the international community's fault". Don't you love how this guy thinks? He has the logic of a six year-old psychopath, "Give us exactly what we want or we will start killing people, and YOU will have made us do it!"

The scariest thing is that Klinaku is the "chosen representative" of this Albanian veteran's group, not just some ordinary nutcase off the street. Hard as it may be to swallow, Klinaku IS speaking for the Albanian cause.

And Klinaku is not alone in this blind Albanian hubris. Commenting on the suggestion of a Dutch minister that perhaps "Kosovo might better be divided", Kosovo's war-criminal Prime Minister, Agim Ceku remarked, "If we start redrawing borders, who knows where it will stop?" And I am sure, in his arrogance, Ceku had no idea of the total irony of his statement, because arrogant people rarely catch the humor of their duplicitous behavior.

But, Mr. Ceku, we completely agree -- "If we start redrawing (Balkan) borders (to make Kosovo independent), who knows where it will stop?"

No place peaceful and decent, of that I am absolutely sure!

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Max said...

The silence of the West about the expulsion of Serbs, Romanies and other non-Albanians from Kosovo, the terrorizing of the remaining Serbs, and the destruction and desecration of literally hundreds of churches, monasteries, cemeteries and other Christian landmarks, some of which are medieval treasures, is a tribute to the West's allowing some of the worst vandalism and repression of the Christian faith in modern times….There are more churches, monasteries and other Christian landmarks per square kilometer in Kosovo than anywhere else on earth. Kosovo is to Serbian Orthodox Christians what Canterbury is to Anglicans and the Vatican to Roman Catholics. Kosovo (or Kosovo and Metohija in Serbian or Kosova in Albanian) was the political center of mediaeval Serbia and makes the very essence of Serbian spiritual and cultural identity and statehood since the Middle Ages up today.