Friday, September 07, 2007

US worried about Serbia's divergent signals on Kosovo

Thu Sep 6, 6:06 PM ET AFP

The United States expressed concern on Thursday about "contradictory" signals from Serbia over how Belgrade might respond to a declaration of independence by Kosovo.

The US State Department said it would ask Serbia to clarify its stance after state secretary Dusan Prorokovic warned in an interview with the New York Times that Belgrade would be ready to deploy Serbian troops if Kosovo's ethnic Albanian government declared independence.

Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic, in an interview published Thursday with the Financial Times, struck a more moderate tone, saying Serbia would not threaten military action in response to any independence move by Kosovo.

State Department spokesman Tom Casey said: "We have two contradictory statements out there by two officials from the government" and said threats of military force were "unhelpful."

"It would be unhelpful and certainly a step backward for this region, for Serbia as well as for Kosovars if there were any renewed violence in Kosovo or associated with it," Casey said.

"And to the extent that we are engaged in ongoing diplomatic discussions, it is certainly inappropriate and unhelpful for anyone to be making threats.".........AFP Yahoo News

SerbBlog: The Albanians threaten more violence, the US threatens unilateral recognition of Kosovo and they think that is OK. But when Serbia "threatens" to defend its own territory from being stolen, that is supposed to be "inappropriate and unhelpful". What an embarassment these State Department idiots are to all of us Americans!

I used to think that Condi Rice "wasn't stupid", but the State Department policy on Kosovo has really made me wonder!


Yankee Doodle said...

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Now to your post:

What did the US government do when certain parts of the US declared their independence from Washington in the 1860's?

Bush is a hypocrite and an opportunist, just like Clinton before him. The same policy has been in place under both administrations, and that is a policy of dismembering what was Yugoslavia. Personally, I suspect it is being done for money: corruption.

rodoyf said...

United States foreign policy of black mail and aggression is bankrupt even Serbian CIA paid stooges are realizing this