Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Long Time Between Postings, Apologies!

I have been away for long enough that some might have wondered if I abandoned this blog. I assure you not!

I took a month-long and much needed vacation in Italy. I had planned on doing some intermittent postings from Italy, but I had an impossible time accessing my blog from over there. Eventually I gave up trying, telling myself that it was "sudbina"(fate) that after eleven years of almost daily political postings, I needed a break to "stop and smell the roses".

Well, the roses have been smelled and SerbBlog is back at it again, with much catching up to do! Again, apologies for the delay!


Anonymous said...

excellent---glad you are back and at it again.

Bozidar said...

Well earned rest will no doubt benefit the good work you are doing and will hopefully continue to do until the desired change is achieved.

Well done, keep it up!