Friday, November 16, 2007

Again and Again the NYT Agitprop

Excerpt from Svetlana Novko's outstanding analysis of the lies and propaganda used to support stealing Kosovo from Serbia:

Just when you think that all the Soros/Abramowitz’s media vampires are finally starting to recede back into the darkness that spawned them, if for nothing else than for the painful lack of arguments, The New York Times Agitprop rears its ugly head again with another bare-assed propaganda iditorial.

All they really want to do is to repeat, once again, the same old meme: that Serbia ought to be dismembered and its southern province of Kosovo amputated. Since they can’t offer any arguments and have nothing to back their pro-dismemberment stance, and being that they can’t simply say the actual objective is to harm the interests of Serbs and Russians and to continue to play gods in the Eastern Europe, they serve their readership a platter of sheer claptrap, making sure the all-important subliminal message — cut 15 percent of Serbia off! — is loud and clear.

That’s why the iditorial was written, mindless repetition being one of the main pillars of propaganda.

One of the problems the central Agitprop agencies like the New York Times have, is that they can’t simply come out and say what they want done. In this case, for instance, they can’t just say “rip Serbia apart, tear another hole to those pesky Russkies, show ‘em who’s the boss, for we rule the world,” so they try to wrap it up in the “op-eds”, philosophical, abstract editorials with no facts, no references and no signature, about the dirty jobs around the world someone has to do. This one is a perfect example of dirty propaganda and how people in the West get brainwashed en masse.

Good Western Prince and Evil Empress Russia

The anonymous NYT Comrade Iditorialist (Idiot, for short) first sets the stage: Balkans, the primitive, dark, gloomy place somewhere in the pits below and beyond the golden gates of enlightened West, where barbarians of all sorts and nationalities have been drinking each others’ blood for centuries. That’s where, this month, another complicated-beyond-words (certainly beyond the Editor’s comprehension) chapter — Kosovo — should’ve been “put to rest”, e.g. severed from Serbia.

“Putting it to rest” is more akin to mercy killing, like putting an old and ailing animal to sleep — an act West was willing to commit out of compassion, since it’s all so... painful and West suffers watching the Balkan Beasts writhe in agony.

But, the iditorial fairytale goes, the meddling of the Evil Empress Russia and its Even More Evil Daughter Serbia have prevented the Chivalrous Western Prince to fulfill its merciful mission in this case (Good Western Prince has dedicated his entire life to such mercy missions, out of pure kindheartednesses and sheer generosity). Comrade Idiot doesn’t really tell us what this “meddling” of the evildoers consists of — perhaps the fact that Serbian officials have taken part in the negotiations over their own province of Kosovo is somehow intrinsically evil in itself. Instead, he quickly moves on to say the Evil Serbs are “threatening to stir new troubles in Bosnia if Kosovo declares independence.” Going through the month of news in both Serbian and English, with the finest tooth comb, will fail to produce any semblance of proof for the claim that Serbs are “threatening to stir new troubles in Bosnia,” but that doesn’t matter one bit — the object of this game is to throw up in the air as many lies, innuendos and allegations as possible, cross your fingers and hope some of it sticks.

Because of all this, NYT’s Comrade Idiot calls for “urgent, creative diplomacy by the major powers”. The “creative diplomacy” in the New York Times lingo is a codeword for the naked force: cut Kosovo from Serbia and, one way or the other, force Russia to sign on the dotted line.

Dismember-Serbia-Because-Russia-Meddles Argument

Comrade Idiot further tells the world that Ahtisaari proposal to sever Kosovo from Serbia was absolutely perfect in every way. To add insult to the injury, he even mentions “a degree of autonomy for ethnic Serbs”, as if Serbs in their own country are indeed a minority that could be thrown few crumbs, a certain degree of cultural, religious and ethnic autonomy, though not too much of it. That’s when the Evildoers (Russia and Serbia) meddled again and managed to screw up a perfect plan in the United Nations which, instead of just imposing a dismemberment of one of its members (Serbia), allowed another disgusting round of awful talks.

The Iditorialist spared no expense and served a whole five-course meal of lies — almost every single sentence contains at least one lie — including the implication that the Security Council itself had set “a deadline” (December 10) for these talks (“But after fierce protests from Russia and Serbia, the Security Council called for more talks, with a deadline of Dec. 10”). The truth of the matter is that December 10 is only a date by which the mediating Troika has to submit its progress report to the UN Secretary General, while the U.S. State Department, UK and France decided on their own that December 10 is the deadline by which all talking has to end.

Reinforcing again the meme in the second passage: December 10 is the date after which the KLosovars will not wait and “neither should the United States and the European Union.” In other words: DO IT, just do it, cut it off!

Dismember-Serbia-Because-Serbs-and-Albanians-are-Both-Bad Argument

The third is my favorite passage. After figuring that too many people are already aware that Suffering KLosovars is a myth which can no longer be sustained, after realizing it is now clear to most that Kosovo Albanian separatists are nothing but thugs, criminals, drug and human traffickers, weapon dealers and terrorists, the NYT Agitprop finally drops the old spent story of poor, oppressed, “beleaguered KLosovars fighting for their freedom.” Now, according to the NYT, Serbs and Albanians are all equally bad: “these are conflicts with no good guys, and very little spirit of compromise”.

Again and again, the Iditorialist fails to explain in what way the current Serbian leadership taking part in this “conflict” (negotiations) are “not good guys”. One may like or dislike them, love them or hate them, but unlike Agim Ceku, Ramush Haradinaj, Hashim Thaci and most of the KLA Kosovo Albanian provisional leadership, none of the present Serbian leaders and state officials were taking part in any of the Yugoslav secession wars, they were not part of the Serbian government during the Albanian terrorist armed insurgency in Kosovo province in 1998-1999, none of them signed any of the previous agreements, none of them have ever crossed paths with any of the Albanians, except at the negotiating table, alongside the Western and Russian mediators. So how can they possibly be as bad as the KLA war criminal Agim Ceku, war criminal Ramush Haradinaj, war criminal Hashim Thaci and the rest of Kosovo Albanian criminals and known mafiosi? I would actually like to have the NYT Iditorialist explain this claim.

Secondly, speaking of a “spirit of compromise” many have argued that the very fact Serbian officials are actually willing to sit down and negotiate with terrorists who were trying to snatch part of their country under arms is a BIG, major compromise in itself. Because I don’t see anyone negotiating with Hamas, I don’t see anyone negotiating anything with ETA, I don’t see Mr. Bush negotiating with Bin Laden... Give me a break! This is not to even mention over a dozen compromises Serbian officials have submitted thus far in the form of detailed proposals to just about everyone on Earth, including the Albanian terrorists, while the war criminals sat there with their hands up their asses and kept repeating one word, ad nauseam: independence-independence-independence-independence... On the contrary, most Serbs will tell you that Serbian officials should have never accepted negotiations in any form with Albanian KLA terrorists...... Byzantine Sacred Art

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