Tuesday, November 06, 2007

BSA: Vote for Decency and Honesty in Journalism by Voting for Neil Clark’s Blog

If you came to conclusion that all the British political commentators and journalists are liars and warmongers, cynical to the point of utter ugliness and hideousness, morally depraved hateful gnomes who thrive on mockery, mass media pogroms, globalism as the new form of fascism, collective lynchings of the enemy-of-the-day and filthy smear campaigns; if you decided that those wretched sold souls couldn’t shake off their Nazi mindsets even if they weren’t paid to pollute the media, simply because they feed on the global garbage depots and prefer a smelly plate of greasy lies, gossip, distortions and filth to any half-decent sustenance, then you aren’t alone and you certainly can’t be blamed — that particular breed of political commentators has been consciously and intentionally nurtured and raised in the Western mainstream for the purpose of brainwashing the masses and reselling wrong for right in order to keep the world in self-styled Elite’s perpetual shackles.

Our Man, Neil

But then you haven’t heard of Neil Clark, a representative of the whole other kind of British journalists, those whose honesty, decency, ethics and sincere humanism have not been compromised even when standing tall and straight was the hardest thing to do, when the roaring avalanches of filth orchestrated through the Western mainstream media were burying the entire Serbian nation and all the anti-globalism regimes remaining in the world, signaling the era of new naked aggressions, illegal wars, mass war crimes hidden under the “collateral damage” slur and invasions — the new form of fascism.

Apart from being a regular contributor to The Guardian, The Australian, The First Post, Morning Star, New Statesman, The Spectator, R.F.O. and Daily Express, Neil’s work has also been published in The Fleet Street Letter, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, The Times, The American Conservative, Pravda and The Racing Post.

You can read his superbly written, brilliantly insightful, reality-based articles throughout the web, including his exceptional portrait of George Soros, his powerful response to the brutal drive to dismember Serbia, and a flawless history lesson to the Aryan Warmongers about Balkans.

He also runs his own blog and if you get the chance to flip through it, you are bound to have a wonderful time: Neil’s blog is not only a resolute statement against the illegal aggressions and the mindless butchering and devouring of the world, but also a place where multiculturalism and exchange of cultural values gets its essential positive, humane dimension: from Belgrade, Budapest and Prague, to London, Munich and Brussels, this kind GentleMan reminds us to enjoy each other’s uniqueness, to seek the colorful, diverse, multidimensional, flavorful world instead of the imposed uniform monstrosity of the Big Brother.

Vote for Honesty and Ethical Approach to Journalism

We now have the rare opportunity to vote for decency and ethical approach to journalism, by voting for Neil Clark’s blog, nominated in the ‘Best UK Blog’ category in the 2007 Weblog Awards. Please cast your vote here. You can vote once every 24 hours. (And voting ends on November 9th.) And please ask your friends to vote too!

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