Wednesday, November 28, 2007

De-Albanizing Muslim Terrorists: Ft. Dix Redux

by Srdja Trifkovic

Srdja Trifkovic(Excerpt) Three of the five men charged with plotting an attack on Fort Dix last spring have asked a judge to move them from a secluded part of their prison as they await trial, a youthful-sounding female NPR reporter told us on Monday night. She added that, in legal filings over the past week, the men complained that in the Special Housing Unit of the Federal Detention Center in Philadelphia they are not being given “adequate access” to the government’s evidence in their case. From her two-minute “featurette” and a few dozen similarly worded agency reports in the “Mainstream Media” you’d never guess that those “men” were Albanian Muslims from Kosovo and Macedonia illegally residing in the U.S., or that they were plotting to murder as many American servicemen as they could get into the sights of their automatic weapons.

Welcome to post-modern, self-hating and terrorist-abating American journalism: Your favorite Gannett daily paper/TV news channel/Web site will tell you that “the men, all foreign-born and in their 20s, were charged in May with planning a raid on Fort Dix. They face life in prison if they’re convicted of conspiring to murder military personnel.” It’s a bit—no, it’s totally—like saying that “19 foreign-born men in their 20s died carrying out 9-11 attacks.”.....Chronicles

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