Monday, December 03, 2007

Hillary Clinton's Warmongering Kosovo Policy

By M. V. Pejakovich

A few days ago, presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton released a statement advocating the US unilaterally recognize the Albanian takeover of Serbia's Kosovo province as "a new country".

In proposing that the US unilaterally recognize "Kosovo Independence", Hillary Rodham Clinton is advocating that the United States:

1. Provide support & recognition for the establishment of the violent narco-terrorist state of Albanian Kosova run by war criminals and the Albanian Mafia, whose only current income comes from selling illegal drugs, kidnapping, sex slavery and arms dealing, yet which is otherwise economically nonviable and will be totally dependent on foreign aid (from our taxes) for many years to come.

2. Support the desecration and theft of Christian land in order to create an overwhelmingly Muslim country in Europe. (Metohija in the original Serbian name for the place "Kosovo-Metohija", literally translates to "Land of Monasteries". Recognizing Kosovo Independence will turn "Land of the Monasteries" into "Land of the Mosques")

3. Legitimize ethnic cleansing and reverse ethnic cleansing as viable "political tools", providing the victims are not Muslim.

4. Push Democratic Serbia -- a needed ally in the war on terror -- solidly out of the US sphere of influence and spawn a more reactionary government in Serbia.

5. Sponsor new wars in the Balkans, as Albanians in Macedonia, Northern Greece, Montenegro and the rest of Southern Serbia have also expressed (often violently) a wish to secede land from their countries to create a "Greater Albania", beginning with "Kosovo Independence".

6. Weaken the concept of national sovereignty by setting a precedent for minorities everywhere (including in the US), who wish to secede land from the countries in which they live.

7. Solidify the use of NATO as "an aggressive entity", whose new charter will be to steal land from any country it chooses and and give it arbitrarily to any minority it sees fit, thereby reneging on NATO's original charter as a "defensive organization".

8. Violate the Helsinki Final Act of 1975 which the US not only signed, but also which the Commission on Organization & Security were designed to monitor and on which Hillary Rodham Clinton actually serves as a OSCE Commissioner! (Fire her, now!)

9. Bypass the UN Security Council, completely ignoring the objections of both UN Security Council members, Russia and China, and renege on UN Resolution 1244 which preserved the territorial integrity of Serbia.

10. Create a new Cold War with Russia, when Russia is actually on the legal and moral high-ground on this issue, while the US is legally and morally standing in a pit.

If anyone is silly enough to see Hillary Rodham Clinton a potential presidential "peace candidate" or think that her initial vote for the Iraq war was just an "Oops", think again. Hillary Clinton's support for US recognition of Kosovo Independence is not only a guaranteed formula for more wars in the Balkans, but also a demon seed guaranteed to spawn new conflicts around the globe -- and a new Cold War with Russia. Hillary Clinton is in fact more of a warmonger than most neon-cons, even if she wraps her bombs with the label "humanitarian" and claims to be "fighting genocide" when she is in fact, cheering on the genocide of anyone in her geopolitical way. The crumb she tossed to "full protection of the rights of all minorities in Kosovo, especially the Serbs " was a nice touch in her statement, but if thousands of NATO and UN troops haven't been able to protect the Serbs from rampaging, church-burning Kosovo Albanians in the last eight years when the now-scrapped "standards before status" game was on, Ms. Clinton knows that the Albanians have no reason to play nice when they finally get what they want.

According to Hillary-fan, Gail Sheehy' book, ( "Hillary's Choice", p.345), it was actually Hillary, personally, who in 1999 urged her husband to bomb Serbia on behalf of the Albanians. Hillary convinced then President Clinton to violate the US Constitution and NATO's charter to arm-twist NATO countries to go along with the bombing so that the US would not be left holding the bag, alone. The 1999 NATO Bombing of Yugoslavia created a wave of anti-American sentiment around the world that persists to this day because it was obvious that this was really American policy in action . Yet, could at least the NATO Bombing of Yugoslavia, if not the aftermath, be considered "a success"? No! Not even according to NATO, itself! But don't tell Hillary that! She, along with other members of the Clinton Administration nostalgically look back on the Clinton Balkan policy as "possibly their greatest achievement". That alone should tell you something, but then again Ms. Clinton must be hoping for voters too young or forgetful to remember her husband's empty promise eleven years ago of "American troops in Bosnia will be home by Christmas". (Eleven years later, those troops are still there.)

Given the fact that Bosnia and Kosovo are now unraveling, I can understand why Ms. Clinton would like to shift the blame to"the neglect of the Bush Administration". But, while President Bush can rightfully be blamed for many things, straying from the stupidly destructive, pro-jihadist Clinton course in the Balkans certainly isn't one of them. Even after Kosovo Albanians (aka "Kosovars") tried to cause as many American service casualties as possible at Fort Dix, President Bush has plowed ahead with globalist "Balkan Clintonia" --that mythic land where "Serbs (or what's left of them) will one day bow before the New World Order in gratitude for their servitude and thank America for finally making them to give in to the Islamic aggression that their ancestors wasted so much of their blood trying to resist". Mythic land, indeed -- and one where understandably no one, least of all the Serbs, wish to live.

A good question would be why Bush, the Clintonistas, and so many on both sides of the aisle in Congress are so keen to risk so much to push forward with what is obviously such a completely flawed policy in a part of the world that most Americans don't give a damn about. Could it be the millions of dollars that the Albanian lobby has poured into the campaign coffers of both parties for so many years? Or, because they made a bad decision years ago, but hope by going forward with it that they can bury it? Or maybe that they are all bending over backwards to please Saudi Arabia even if it kills us (but makes them richer)? All of those factors certainly have contributed to the "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" policy toward the Moslem Kosovo Albanians, but there is yet something else that we are not noticing.

"It's about raw power, Baby"! President Bush, Mrs. Clinton and most of the Democrats and Republicans are "globalists" (which is why even Bush is for open borders between the US & Mexico). Modern politicians on both sides of the aisle in Congress see "protecting and making the US a better place for its citizens to live" as just too small of a goal and playing field for their unbridled ambition. In short, real Americans are just not that important to most of those we've been electing. American politician also know that there is only so far that they can go in a short period of time with American citizens on American soil without starting a revolution, so all they have to do is keep us distracted while the changes happen here incrementally and happen rapidly elsewhere where we aren't looking. There is nothing to stop them from using some little conflict in the Balkans that most Americans don't understand let alone care about as their personal petri dish for experimenting with the New World Order.

This is not to say that globalists like Ms. Clinton are just blind arrogant children with no end-game in sight. There is a strategy to their actions in Kosovo.

If they can weaken the concept of national sovereignty by tearing Kosovo away from Serbia and unilaterally recognize "Kosovo Independence", they can do the same anywhere in the world -- create a Palestinian State, with or without Israel's consent and then unilaterally recognize it; sponsor & recognize other new mini-states in other long-established countries that they perceive as a threat to their ambitions; or longterm, even create an Aztlan with or without the consent of citizens of the Southwest US. And then package it all in the name of "a humanitarian peace" so that Americans will buy it.

But on what grounds?

Shifting Demographics.

In the US, rapidly expanding ethnic immigrant populations are voting blocks who are essential to electing politicians like Ms. Clinton, so why wouldn't a globalist like Ms Clinton want to indiscriminately let as many immigrants in as possible who could eventually vote for her? Of course she would -- as would most American politicians, if for no other reason than to just get elected when competing in races against other globalists. And who pays for it all? We do -- in indefensible borders while a war on terror is going on, as well as with our taxes. Electing people who want to play God is very expensive.

In the world beyond our shores, politically exploitable demographic shifts and changes are happening at an even faster rate, especially in the Balkans.

In Europe, while ethnic Europeans have been dying off, Kosovo Albanians have maintained the highest birthrate in Europe. Soft borders, explosive population growth, tribal exclusivity and perpetual financial aid to them, has allowed the Albanian population to behave like a veritable invasive species in the Balkans, challenging virtually every internationally recognized border that they manage to cross and eventually claim for "Greater Ethnic Albania". And Ms. Clinton wants to use the US to "legitimize" these conquests, thinking that it will win the conquering terrorists' loyalty. Yeah, right, good luck with that --Osama bin Laden got there first.

The globalist attitude toward "barbarians at the gate" is "Open the gates!", because this invasive population growth is the wave of the future. Who cares if these exponentially growing ethnicities kill off the old cultures and traditional religion of Europe to make way for the new? Who cares if young hoards steal what they need from the less numerous old? It's just social Darwinism at work. (It's easy for someone like Hillary to take such an attitude, because when you believe that nothing is sacred--except your reflection in the mirror--then anything is possible for you .)

Kosovo is just the first of many potential future conflicts that offer a test case for globalists like Ms. Clinton, because the globalist answer to shifting demographics is shifting borders -- using US power to take from the land rich and give to the land poor. And if takes more wars to help it happen, then Hillary Rodham Clinton is in! "Bomb those resistant bastards! They are in MY way!"

So if your idea of a perfect US president is one who sees the job as being "Tyrant Queen of the World", then vote for Hillary. Her Balkan policy proves those qualifications, nicely. As for me, I haven't given up on winning the war on terror, let alone be willing to vote to put a true political terrorist like Hillary in the Oval Office!

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