Saturday, December 15, 2007

Kosovo: Are we Spreading Democracy or Exploiting Corruption?

By M.V. Pejakovich

On December 6th, 2007 Transparency International, an international organization dedicated to monitoring the level of corruption in more that sixty countries, released their list of the top most corrupt "countries". The top five countries & territories with the highest level of bribery and corruption are:

1. Albania,
2 Cambodia,
3. Cameroon
4. FYR Macedonia
5. Kosovo.

Albania, Kosovo and the FRY Macedonia not only made the top five, but are also geographically connected as part of what the Albanian American Civic League calls "ethnic Albania" -- a euphemism for "The Greater Albania" that they really intend to politically build, with US help.

These three regions also have in common that they are the main transit routes for exporting drugs, arms and sex slaves to Western Europe. In short, there are huge amounts of money passing through the region via the Albanian Mafia in spite of the fact that the official current reports say that Kosovo "unemployment" is over 40% and if granted independence, Kosovo will be on the EU and US aid dole for a very long time.

So what could possibly be so "attractive" to US & EU lawmakers and their cronies about "Kosovo gaining its independence" that would make it worth breaking every international law to accomplish it?

Perhaps, it is precisely this enormous level of corruption that makes Kosovo so damn attractive to these politicians!

Where else has 22 Billion Euros floated around for the last 8 years and accomplished absolutely nothing in terms of "building an economy"? Where else could you have no qualifications for a job and yet get hired at a six figure salary paid for by your tax dollars and mine? Where else in Europe could you buy a twelve year-old kidnapped virgin, a .50 caliber rifle and the same explosives used in the London & Madrid bombings, all in the same place? Only in Kosovo!

Want to give George Soros a mine worth $Billions for pennies on the dollar? "The Kosovo Trust" can sell him the Trepca Mine -- and they will ignore the fact that it is actually Serbia's property. They call it "privatizing", instead of the "plundering" that it really is!

Soros supports politicians, and politicians support Soros -- by cooperatively stealing from others who can't fight back. It's a good gig if you can get it and not get caught!

And then there is Camp Bondsteel -- a permanent mega military base built by Halliburton (think Dick Cheney) subsidiary, Kelogg, Brown and Root Construction at a cost to US taxpayers of $350 million to build and $50 Million a year to maintain. Kosovo's fate was determined before the first bit of construction on Bondsteel began, because you don't build a permanent military base on someone else's soil without their permission unless you have already decided to steal Kosovo from them.

But what about "freeing the Kosovars"? Isn't that what Kosovo Independence is supposed to accomplish?

My question is "what Kosovars"?

Over 300,000 Kosovo Serbs, Jews and Roma were permanently ethnically cleansed from Kosovo during the 1999 NATO bombing. Did they get a vote in this independence issue? No! How about the many Kosovo Albanians who ran to Serbia to get away from the KLA? Did they get a vote? No! What about the Albanians from Albania who came flooding in to Kosovo after the 1999 NATO Bombing? Ooops, yes they did -- seems there is a greater advantage to "not actually being from Kosovo" if you want to vote in Kosovo elections, as long as you are some kind of "Albanian" and can improve the demographics argument in favor of Albanians.

When corruption is your business, you make the rules.

And yet, even knowing that the independence issue was on the table, only 43 percent of 1.5 million "eligible" Kosovo Albanian voters turned out to vote in the last election. If you run the numbers, only 645,000 people out of 1.5 million eligible Kosovo Albanian voters even voted at all and 219,300 voted for the pro-independence candidate, Hashim Thaci.

This means that even out of the eligible voters, less than 15% of the "eligible voters" actually voted for pro-independence candidate Thaci . Yet, unless you read the fine print in these mainstream news articles on the subject and run the numbers as I did, you'd think that 90% of the damn Kosovo Albanian electorate was behind Thaci, and they are not!

But does the "Kosovo vote" really even matter, when your US and EU sponsors want your "independence" even more than you do -- just so that they can bilk taxpayers and reward their cronies in one of the most corrupt places in the world? No, it doesn't. This is why, even before the UN-Sponsored "negotiations" between Serbia and the Kosovo Albanians were supposedly being facilitated by the US, Russia and the EU, US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice could say, "The US is committed to Kosovo independence" What that meant for the "negotiations" was that all the Kosovo Albanians had to do was sit there and give up nothing, because they knew that the US would ultimately give them what they wanted, anyway. Some "negotiations"!

The fact is that the US and EU don't give a damn about Kosovo or "the Kosovars" and they never did. The supposed 1999 "humanitarian bombing" was a lie to begin with so our politicians could use NATO to conquer a territory and sell off its assets to their political cronies. It was a bait and switch.

But they can't sell out Serbia, sell out ethics and sell out international law, without selling us all out. Once they do, then none of us are safe. A better question is, "Are we going to let them?"

P.S. December 9th was "UN Anti-Corruption Day". So did the UN initiate an investigation into the allegations against Marti Ahtisaari, after the formal requests from The American Council on Kosovo, and the Serbian government and the 1200 signatures on the Investigate Ahtisaari petition? Of course not! Once again proving that having an "Anti-Corruption Day" for the UN is the equivalent of having a "Chastity Day" at a whorehouse!


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No, we are not going to let them. We are ready. Just let them go dipper then where they are in this moment. This is beginning of the end for EU.

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A powerful post.

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