Thursday, December 27, 2007

Kosovo: The Foreign Policy Litmus Test for US Presidential Candidates

(See February, 2008, Updated Version of This Article Here)


rosie said...

To the people of the United States.
Please if you do nothing else in 2008 'VOTE RON PAUL'.
As this blog illustrates you will be voting, not only to save your own freedom and constitution, but for the liberty and peace of others the world over.
You will be showing to countries such as mine (England) that it is possible to break away from the NWO and all its lies and evil works.
That if the people rise we can once more restore our sovereignty and democracy stripped away from us to the Soviet style EU with lies and deceit.
If you can elect Ron Paul it will spell out hope and peace for all mankind.

Anonymous said...

I read that Obama thinks Kosovo is in w/ Afghanistan on illegal drugs and guns.

"The Link between Kosovo and NATO-garrisoned Afghanistan

Money laundering, drug trafficking, and illegal weapons purchases are closely aligned and form an international trinity. In the Balkans this started with the criminalization of the Albanian Republic (Republika e Shqipërisë) and later Kosovo (Kosovo i Metohija in Serbo-Croatian /Kosovë in Albanian).

Kosovo and Albania play an important role in the Eurasian Drug Corridor. The virtually independent Serbian province of Kosovo, primarily inhabited by ethnic Albanians, has a strong link with NATO-garrisoned Afghanistan. Kosovo is where part of the opium and heroin is forwarded from Afghanistan for entry into European markets and North America. Both Afghanistan and Kosovo are under Anglo-American domination, "democratization," undergoing "the process of nation-building," with U.S. military bases on their respective territories and in the orbit of NATO.

The Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia and Albania which are saturated with illicit drugs and weapons are also part of the Eurasian Drug Corridor. The Eurasian Drug Corridor is also where the flow of drugs and arms are facilitated.

The drug and weapons streams also run in opposite directions. Weapons flow inwards into the Eurasian Drug Corridor, while illicit drugs or narcotics flow outwards.

The Kosovo-centred illicit narcotics industry is worth billions of dollars a year in transport and exchange fees.

The Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) and its affiliates or extensions in Macedonia and Albania, and to some extent in Italy, Greece, and Turkey, play an important role in drug trafficking and smuggling. The KLA are middlemen in the narcotics industry. They in turn use part of the proceeds of the illegal narco-economy to arm themselves and to cement their control over numerous aspects of commerce and life in Kosovo, the Albanian-inhabited areas of western Macedonia, and Albania."

Anonymous said...

excellent analysis, thank you so much for it!

Anonymous said...

the 2nd comment was a blogger on Obama's site, not Obama's opinion.

Just an FYI.

We still need to dig around and check in the coming months.

Albanian Prince said...

Hahahahaha... the only one that explicitly supports non intervention in Serbia is Ron Paul, someone who doesn't stand a chance in hell to become president!!!

You are such loosers, this is a done deal, the culmination of a hundred years of lobbying by one of the most powerfull lobies in American politics, the Albanian Lobby!

Kosova will be independent probably by February 6th!!! said...

So you think that America can be bought like a whore, with "an Albanian lobby" in the US Congress? Interesting.

While your own people don't have enough to eat and have a living standard below many African countries, they have money to spend on an "Albanian Lobby" in the US Congress? It's Mafia money, pal, and it doesn't come for free -- you'll be paying them back soon enough -- likely by handing over your mothers and sisters to the sex slave trade. But until then, enjoy the ride. It will be over soon enough!

Pete said...

I totally agree with the Serb view, It´s not alright to steal someones land. The albanians have terrorised Kosovo long enough and it´s about time someone put a stop to this nonsens, bluffstate on Serbian territory.