Thursday, December 20, 2007

NATO Justifying the Next Albanian Purge of Kosovo Serbs by Blaming Serbia in Advance!

....Western countries in the U.N. Security Council on Wednesday said they would take the lead in steering the province to independence from Serbia over Russian objections, arguing that the potential for a negotiated solution had been exhausted through almost two years of failed Serb-Albanian talks.

NATO allies with 16,000 troops in Kosovo fear a Serb backlash in the north, which adjoins Serbia proper, and a possible bid to break away which could trigger regional unrest.

Analysts say Serbian sabotage of the reservoir would almost certainly provoke Albanian attacks on isolated Serb enclaves across the rest of Kosovo, where over half the remaining 120,000 Serbs still live.

A senior KFOR official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the force was wary of being drawn too far away from its primary task of preventing any escalation of violence.

"We do not underestimate the threat," he told Reuters. "But Serbia has to be careful of the consequences for its own community."

SerbBlog: Serbia has a right to defend it's territory. Now how and why should a strategic military and political decision like dealing with the water supply justify an Albanian rampage on 120,000 Serb civilians? But the article just prepped you to expect that when Kosovo Serb civilians start dying, it will be "Serbia's fault"! Unbelievable!

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