Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Julia Gorin- Jan. 7th: Suggestion for how to make “Merry Christmas” Less Threatening

To make Christmas less offensive to the enlightened, anti-Christian tolerants of this country, a reader named Alex proposes that the six million or so Eastern Orthodox Christians in this country demand that their holiday greeting be given equal display time in stores and on postage stamps. Instead of the West’s watered down “Merry Christmas”, the required salutation will be: CHRIST IS BORN! When greeted thusly by Eastern Europeans, all retail employees in America would have to respond with the traditional, “Indeed he is born!” or “Glorify him!” Further, Christmas decorations would have to stay up until after January 7th, which is the Serbian and Russian Christmas.

After the Eastern Orthodox community finally gains admittance into the sphere of the politically correct by threatening violence should these demands not be met, perhaps “Merry Christmas” and Nativity sets would look less threatening.

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