Saturday, January 12, 2008

Kosovo and unintended consequences

Joseph Farah at Worldnet

As Kosovo goes, so goes northern Cyprus?

That's the way the Turkish Cypriots see it.

They can't see any distinction between the West's plans for a new "independent" state of Kosovo and the aspirations of Turkey for an independent Turkish Cyprus.

It's just one more reason against the creation of a new state of Kosovo, where none has ever existed before.

The real problem with these fanciful new "independent" states is that they are not independent at all. Both will be aligned with Islamic world, where freedom, individual liberties and respect for peaceful neighbors and non-Muslim minorities are virtually unknown concepts.

This is what happens when globalists start redrawing maps of the world in ways they think are beneficial to them – with or without understanding the consequences of those actions.

New rules are being established – new rules that make no sense.

But have no illusions. The Turks are chomping at the bit to make their move in Cyprus – even before the seemingly inevitable agreement to grant Kosovo statehood is approved.

"When diplomatic efforts are exhausted, other alternatives are put on the table," explains Fulya Özerkan, a senior Turkish Cypriot official. "We clearly see this in Kosovo where diplomacy proved futile, and other formulas are floating around. This will certainly have an impact on Cyprus."

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