Sunday, January 13, 2008

Newsweek: "Sorry, Not Interested"

Serbia refuses to give up Kosovo—even if it means giving up its shot at entering the European Union.

By Michael Levitin | NEWSWEEK
Jan 21, 2008 Issue | Updated: 11:14 a.m. ET Jan 12, 2008

There's a dark joke going around Serbia these days: "Russia finished the cold war with America—so Serbia is carrying on with it." Given the hostile stance of the two former superpowers over Kosovo, the assessment may be close to the mark. This week Washington heads to the United Nations Security Council's debate on Kosovo, with most of Europe alongside it, pressing for independence. But Serbia's Parliament has overwhelmingly rejected any future EU-imposed mission in Kosovo, and stands with the support of Russia and a growing list of countries including China, Indonesia and South Africa in its refusal to part with the region—even, according to Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica, if it means shelving EU membership talks.

Serbia, it seems, has flipped the tables on the EU. For the first time, a European country outside the EU is not clamoring to be let in, but, on the contrary, making demands of its own, insisting Europe continue negotiations over Kosovo until an agreeable solution to all parties is met. To the Serb on the street, it's a perfectly rational move. When they look toward the EU's newest members, Romania and Bulgaria, they see their neighbors, admitted in 2007, with crumbling infrastructure and a lower average monthly income than the Serbs themselves......Newsweek

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Anonymous said...

You're not missing anything by staying out of the EU.

On the contrary.

The EU is headed toward becoming a retrograde and tyrannical power. Not to mention a a subject of the mohammedan bloc.

Here in the US, More and more often we are calling it Eurabia.

Serbia is FAR better off on it's own.